Journey to the Lost Isle - Ch 4  

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Chapter 4 of the plot is released.

The Journey, Page 18

This island, with all its wonders and beauty, is nothing more than a dream that has become a nightmare. i have not eaten nor slept for days, and I cower at every unknown shadow. Too fearful to leave, I would have huddled inside my shelter forever if I had the choice, but the necessity for food finally forced me out. With extreme caution, I once more ventured into the thickness of the trees, jumping at every snap of a branch.

As I made my way through the under-growth, my eyes darting wildly in every direction, I stumbled into a clearing. There, in the middle of it, stood a strange structure - a mysterious stone temple, overgrown with nature's verdant cloak, yet still shimmering with the hazy glow of the moon. Curiosity overwhelming fear, I approached what appeared to be the entrance, but the way was tightly sealed. A strange dial of sorts with blinking aloured lights sat in the middle of the door, but after a few tentative attempts to turn it, my fear once more took control of me. After all, what strange xxxx of lights were these, which were neither fire nor the light of the sun? It had to be some strange, powerful magic.

Something approaches now. I must return to my shelter with haste.

The Comic:
When they entered the door, they found themselves in a room filled with petpetpet eggs.

Then the mother of these eggs appeared.

They fled when it gave chase. But the professor was separated from Lilian and Roxton.

Nothing to do yet. So if you haven't opened the door, you still have time to play catch-up. LOL.

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