Journey to the Lost Isle - Ch 4 - Battle  

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Okay. There is a new monster found at the Battledome.

The Monstrous Moach whose HP is 75.

This Moach has Berserk, that means he can hit you really hard. One battle, he took 41HP off me. Ouch!!! So having a Leaf Sheild could help.

He also has the ability to heal.

Sink and Burrow will be an important abilities to have due to his range of attacks.

Now, go and beat him as many times as you can. He will gain HP every time you beat him so he will get more and more difficult.

I am using 2 Scarab Rings, Burrow, Sink, Drain Life and Berserk Attack.

This is how I beat him:

Round #1:
Burrow with 2 Scarab Rings

I took 39HP off him.

Round #2:

He took 19HP off me.
I took another 33HP off him

Round #3:
I should win in round 3. BUT!!!!
He can heal.

Round #4:
So I went 1 more round of Berserk Attack with 2 Scarab Rings. That still didn't finished him off.

Round #5:

So 1 more round.

That was close. Very close.


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