Advise to Attack the New Bug  

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Some of the advise from the BOARD:

1. Scarab Ring, Patched Magic Hat, Downsize and Greater Healing Scroll

2. The abilities Drain Life and Regeneration. Regeneration restores 33% of your lost HP, so when your high-HP pet is down to like 2, it might save your battle.

3. Used the following items: 4 shooting star muffins, a leaf shield, and a blue scorchstone and the faerie abilities of burrow, heal, and mote dance.

4. Buy the following:
sticky snowball (around 300np)
snow mudball
fire muffin
stone muffin
radioactive muffin
shooting star muffin (around 3500np)

Another way would be to use one of the cheap frost cannons to try and get a first round freeze (while defending and using a shield, then going all out the following round if you get the freeze (and are still alive).

Will update when I read up more. LOL. I want to go and fight him more.

Update #1:
I have beaten him 6 times and his HP is 114.

From 75 to 82 to 90 to 98 aot 106 to 114. Every win over him has his HP increased by 8 points.
The last round was tough for me. I need to use the downsize to win. Good thing I have regeneration.

I use Burrow, then Sink, then Berserk, then Drain Life, then Berserk. In between I use Regeneration.

I don't know whether I should fight him the 7th time or not. LOL!!!

Update #2:
Okay, while checking through the Board, someone advise using Extra Evil Snowball.

So I bought 2 Extra Evil Snowballs.
With 2 Extra Evil Snowballs, 2 Scarab Rings, 1 Downsize! 1 Leaf Shield, With the abilites of Burrow, Sink, Drain Life, Regeneration and Berserk Attack, I managed to win it 2 more times.

This is what I do:
Round #1: 1 Scarab Ring, 1 Extra Evil Snowball, Burrow
Round #2: 2 Scarab Ring, Sink
Round #3: 2 Scarab Ring, 1 Extra Evil Snowball, Drain Life
Round #4: 1 Scarab Ring, 1 Donsize, Berserk Attack or Regeneration
Round #5: 2 Scarab Ring, Berserk Attack of Regneration

This should win the battle.

And the best thing is Extra Evil Snowball is cheap. Only 250-300np.

Silly me! I should have equip more extra evil snowballs. 4 will be good.

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