Journey to the Lost Isle - Ch 2 - Comic  

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Journey to the Lost Isle

The Journal, Page 8

Translations from Mad Tongue
Murphy's Journal, page 8

My explorations of the island have yielded some strange flora that I have never seen before. I can only hope they are safe to eat, for I do not have many other alternatives. The foreign fruit I plucked and ate this morning has so far been most agreeable to me - the juices of it are sweet, and the fatigue I had felt from my long days of drifting has faded away.

I have constructed a small habitat near the shore where I first washed up, and it is there that I live out most of my solitary existence. Driven by fear, I have surveyed my immediate surroundings many times over, but I have turned up nothing more than the plant life. This island would be a scientist's paradise. It overflows with rich wonders, so different from the civilised world we know, so untouched by curious hands.

Alas, i cannot fully appreciate these marvels; my mind is occupied with the task of survival and the ever-encroaching loneliness. I write in this journal not in the hopes that others will see my words someday, or that I may recall these dreadful days in the future, but to keep my wits about me. For words are the only familiar things available to me in this alien world...

Chapter 2 Comic is released.

Summary of the Event:

They entered a huge thunderstorm. The boat smashed against some rock and the hull's been breached. So they have to abandon ship.

They came upon an island which got the professor really excited.

The captain and Scrap stayed behind to repair the boat while the remaining three venture on.

"Judging by the abundance of bryophytes, there must be plenty of moisture here -- even more than on Mystery Island, by the looks of it."

Lilian found some fruit which she thought couldn't exist.

And then they saw this creature.

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