Journey to the Lost Isle - Ch 2 - Fight Ravenous Moster  

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The comic ends with a bug-like-creature. So what do you do now?

Step 1: Click on the creature at the end of the comic.
Step 2: It will lead you to the Battledome page and you will see that you have only 1 challenger.

Step 3: Fight him as many time as you like. And like all the other challenger, it's hit point increases after every win.

How to fight him?
Ravenous Monster's HP is only 15. So this should be easy to fight.

I use 2 Scarab Rings and Berserk Attack.
I finished him in 1 shot.

If you don't have Berserk, just Fierce Attack.

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Slight problem...the bug that i'm fighting is called montrous has 75 points. i lost right away. next, i went a bough a scarab ring, and tried again. i still lost right do i beat him?

7:07 AM

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