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There are a few news released in the Neopet Magazine, Issue #22.

New Land
Strange events have been happenign around Neopia lately. neopets have been whispering to each other about a mystical island that none of them have ever seen before, which is filled with strange, mutated creatures. Will the rumours prove to be false, or will a new land be added to Neopia's ever-growing map?

New Game
A new game will be inspired from these mutated creatures.

Altador Cup
Remember this?

After their hair-rising, nail-biting victory in last year's tournament, the Haunted Woods team is once again prepared to make another run at capturing the prized Yooyuball trophy! The Altador Cup will begin once again in June. All the teams from every world have been training hard for the event, so you won't want to miss out! Join a team to get in the excitment, and don't forget your team spirit!

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