Game: Apple Jacks™ Race to the Bowl - 3000np  

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Apple Jacks™ Race to the Bowl

CinnaMon and Apple are on a bicycle trip! They need your help to guide them safely to the Cereal Bowl! Use the left and right arrow keys to steer the bicycle at each fork in the track. Use the left and right arrow keys to straighten out the bicycle if it loses its balance.

Easy to play. You just need to know where the shop is.
1000np per game. That's 3,000np per day.

R= Right
L= Left
S= Straight

Level 1:
1. S
2. S, L
3. R
4. S
5. L, L, S
Total: 238pts

Level 2:
1. S
2. L
3. R, S, R
4. S
5. L, S
Total: 464pts

Level 3:
1. S, R
2. S, S, R, R, R, L
3. R, L, L, R, S
4. S, L, S, L, L
5. R, R, S, R, S, L, S
6. S
Total: 714pts

Level 4:
1. S, L, L
2. L, R, R, R, S, R, S
3. S, R, R
4. L, S, L, R
5. S, R, S, S, L, L, S, R, S
6. R, R, S, R
Total: 909pts

Level 5:
Wille explore this later. Too many way to go.
1. R, R, L, S, R
2. S, R

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