Which Crewmember of the Cyodrake's Gaze do you most Resemble?  

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Take this quiz to find out!

1. Which of the following activities dounds most interesting to you?
A. Reading maps and charts.
B. Cooking a good meal.
C. Playing a relaxing game.
D. Finding exotic herbs.
E. Admiring your Battledome weapon set.

2. Which of these best describe you?
A. You have a good sense of direction.
B. You take pride in your work.
C. You have a sharp mind.
D. You enjoy helping others.
E. You are hardworking and organised.

3. Your friends might point out which of these personality traits about you?
A. You are often grouchy.
B. You can't take criticism.
C. You're overly superstitious.
D. You're too focused on your own wants.
E. You occasionally look down on others.

4. Of the following colours, which is your favorite?
A. Yellow
B. Orange
C. Pink
D. Brown
E. Both yellow and orange

5. Admit it, have you ever ...
A. Insulted someone just to be mean?
B. Lied about somethign really important?
C. Made an unfair assumption about someone?
D. Demanded that somethign be done your way.
E. Thought you were better than others?

6. Your taste in hats is:
A. Impeccable.
B. Work-related
C. Minimalist
D. Non-existent
E. Exotic

If your Answered:
Mostly As:
You are most like Hoban. You have a tendency to act gruffly toward other Neopians,but ddep down you're just one of those misunderstood artist types. you also have amazing taste in hats.

Mostly Bs:
You are most like Bonju. You take great pride in your work and do your best to excel in your area of interest. You don't take criticism well and tend to lash out at those who offer it, though.

Mostly Cs:
You are most like linae. You enjoy spending your time relaxing with a quiet game, and you're strategically minded. Assumptions about others do bog you down, though, so try to give outcasts a chance.

Mostly Ds:
You are most like Anshu. You love helping others and are great at keeping secrets, which your friends appreciate. On the other hand, you do tend to get upset when things don't go your way, so try putting yourself in someone else's shoes from time to time.

Mostly Es:
You are most like Kentari. You are a very organised hard worker who is greatly appreciated by your peers. This sometimes goes to your head, however, and you tend to look down onthers who dont' meet your personal standards.

Source: Neopet, The Official Magazine. Issue #22

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