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Sophie's Stew

When this game was released, I hated it because I couldn't play it. This hand and eye thing is just not my thing. I am terrible with games that requires the usage of my motor skill. Terrible...

Then came Daily Dare. I accidentally challenged AAA who has a 400pts score instead of Abigail's 75pts. So what do I do? As the end of the challenge drew near, I have to settle this game. So I started to play. I played for 3 days. Here. Finally I scored 400+. Here.

Then, I was flipping through The Neopet Official Magazine, Issue 19, Page 16, it has that Sophie's Stew Guide.

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So let me share what is wrote in the game guide.

This is you - The Witch's Wand. You use the mouse to control this. (Stupid me use the keypad at first. Hahahaha!!! you can guess how well I do.)

Objective of the Game:
Use the Swamp Witch's wand to catch ingredients out of the air and, having successfully juggled them across the screen, deposit them in Sophie's cauldron.

Information on the Game:

Every time you drop one of Sophie's items and it falls to the ground, you will lost a life (indicated by the wands at the centre of the top of the screen). The game ends when you've run out of wands.

You begin with 5 lives.

But from time to time, you'll notice a Droolik flying overhead. If you or Sophie happen to hit the Droolik, it will release an extra life that looks like this:

If you managed to catch it, you may get an additional lives. The maximum life you can have is 6.


When you or Sophie happento hit the Droolik, it will release one of three possible powerups:

Blue Powerup Logo - This powerup causes the size of Sophie's wand to increase, making it slightly easier for you to catch and juggle ingredients.

Pink Powerup Logo - When this powerup touches SOphie's wand, the staff becomes considerably thinner. As a result, catchign and juggling items becomes more difficult.

A few things to keep in mind about these powerup:

The bluelogo and pinklogo powerups only last until:
1. An ingredient drops to the ground
2. You wipe out the effect of having one powerup by getting the other.

eg: Let's say you have the bluelogo active and Sophie's staff is larger than normal, but then you accdientally catch the pinklogo powerup. What will happen is that not only will the wand no longer be larger thanusual, it'll immediately become undersized.

A Droolik can only be hit once during each trip across the screen, so it'll only give you one powerup at a time.

At the start of the game, Sophie will randomly throw one of 15 different items into the air. As the game goes on, the frequency with which Sophie throws the items will increase. For example, initially Sophie will lob an ingredient (say, a Twirly Fruit or a Woo Woo Grub) into the air every six to eight seconds. Her throws will continue at this pace for 15 seconds. After those 15 seconds have passed, the window of six to eight seconds will get slightly smaller.

Every 15 seconds, the time between each throw will get shorter and shorter, until it eventually seems like Sophie is constantly lobbing one item after another at you.

Sophie's Items:

Ghost Marshmallow - 15 points
Mau Codestone - 12 points
Woo Woo Grub - 10 points
Fish - 10 Points
Spoc Spoc Grub - 9 points
Tongue Wrap - 8 points
Worm Sandwich - 8 points
Red Scorchipepper - 8 points
Twirly Fruit - 7 points
Tentacle - 7 points
Spooky Doughnut - 6 points
Glaring Eye Wrap - 6 points
Brain Ice Cream - 6 points
Almost Gummy Rat (Grape) - 5 points
Pile of Dung - 5 points

You might have noticed a Meowclops prowling about Sophie's home, eagerly waiting for a bite to eat. As it turns out, if you happen to miss an itemand allow it to fall, teh meowclops will occasionally come to your rescue and eat the item before it hits the ground. This not only spares you from losing a life, it's also usually followed by one of secen brief, very comical animations.

Keep in mind that when the cat eat the item, you will only receive a few points.

Here's the list of points the items will give you if eaten by the cat and what will happen to the cat when it eats it.

Fish - 10 points - Momentarily turns into a fish

Almost Gummy Rat (Grape) - 5 points - Gets dizzy and falls on back

Spooky Marshmallow - 5 points - No effect

Ghost Marshmallow - 5 points - No effect

Red Scorchipepper - 2 points - Face turns red and breathes fire

Twirly Fruit - 2 points - No effect

Spoc Spoc Grub - 2 points - There's a puff of smoke, followed by the cat's being covered in snow

Woo Woo Grub - 2 points - Gets dizzy and falls on back

Tentacle - 2 points - Turns to fish

Worm Sandwich - 1 points -Get dizzy and falls on back

Brain Ice Cream - 1 points - Does a funny little dance

Glaring Eye Wrap - 1 points - Does a funny little dance

Tongue Wrap - 1 points - Get dizzy and falls on back

Pile of Dung - No points - Vomits

Mau Codestone - No points - Spits out pebbles

Finally, when you play Sophie's Stew, the weight of the ingredient is important too. The lighter the item, the higher and further it will bounce. As a result, you can usually send a lighter item like a Twirly Fruit across the screen in 2 or 3 bounces, whereas a heavy item like a Mau Codestone tends to take 4 or 5 volleys to get to the cauldron.

Secret Code:
1. Type hungrymeowclops to gain a life.

2. Try to catch the item and bounce it at the far right side of the wand.

Here's the trophy and the score you need to have to get it.

Am I going to get this trophy anytime soon? I don't think so.
So when will I get this trophy? Probably never!!!!

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