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There are some species of Neopets that can't be created whenever you want... the Limited Edition and Restricted Neopets. Why are these Neopets so special? More importantly, how do you get one?

There are currently more than 10 species that have a Limited Edition or Restricted Status. If a species is marked "Limited Edition" or "Restricted" on the Create a Neopet pages, then Neopet of this species are only occasionally released into Neopia in some way or another.

Limited Releases
A small number of Limited Edition neopets are released on their species days, and if you time it right, you can make one through the Create a Neopet page. This applies to Kikos, Jetsam, Koi, Cybunnies, Poogles, Chombies, Tonu, Hissies and Lutaris. The competition is quite fierce to get one of these pets, so you have to be quick. Check the Neopian Calendar when the pet day is. You can also check the NeoBoards on that day to find out when other Neopians have been able to create new Neopets of that species. If you're quick, you might just have a chance to create one.

A small number of Tonu and Lutaris are also released from time to time throughout the year. You should hang out at the Board.

Potions and Plushies
Some species can be created through the use of special items that will transform one of your existing Neopets into a different species. Morphing Potions are a good choice, but the more popular species like the Draiks and Krawks are highly sought after, which mean that they can be quite expensive.

Transmogrification Potions, however, are a little less pricey. This could be because of the possible side effects your Neopet will suffer if you give them one of these. Any Neopet that drinks a Transmogrification Potion will become a mutant version of the new species!

Neopets can also be transformed into another species by playing with a Magical Plushie. This is, without a doubt, the most amusing way to transform your Neopet into another species!

Simply let your Neopet play with the toy and POOF! You will see the transformation in front of your eyes. Some types of Magical Plushies can be quite expensive, although plushies only exist for about half of the Limited Edition and Restricted species, so be careful to make sure that the items says "MAGICAL Plushie" in the title before you buy one.

Unique Methods for Unique Neopets
To get some species, players have to do something particularly special to create one, which makes them very unique Neopets. These species currently include Grundos, Krawks, Draiks and Lutaris.

Grundos are the easiest of these special Neopets to create. Simply go to the Space Adoption Agency in the Virtupets Space Station where you will be able to choose the name, gender, and color of your new Grundo (You have a choice of seven colors to begin with, rather than the usual four colors of all of the other Neopets species), and you'll instantly have a new member in your Neopian family!

One of the most difficult Neopets to get is the Krawk. That's could be why there are so few Krawk in Neopia.

To make a Krawk (or any new Neopet), you must first make sure that you only have three Neopets.

Next, attach a Krawk Petpet to one of your existing Neopets and give it an original and unique name (you can check tobe sure it's unique by searching for it in the yellow search bar on the Neopets navigational bar).

Then, take your Neopet and its Krawk Petpet to the Fungus Cave on Krawk Island, where you will be asked if you want to feed the Krawk Petpet some fungus. When it eats the fungus, the Petpet will turn into a fully-grown Krawk!

There are also a number of potions and plushies available for transforming an existing Neopet into a Krawk, but they are extremely expensive.


Krawk Petpets are currently selling at around 4 million NP each on the Trading Post, but if you're fast, you can buy one a lot cheaper at the Tyrannina Petpet Shop.


Draiks are also a difficult and expensive species to create. As with the Krawk process, the potions and plushies available to transform a current Neopet into a Draik are pricey, but you can also make a Draik with a Draik Egg. Be sure you have no more than 3 neopets, go to the Draik Nest in Meridell with A Draik Egg, and hatch it.


Draik Eggs have a starting price of around 3 million NP on the Trading Post, but they are less expensive if you get them from the Meridell Foods Shop.


The Lutari is another Neopet that requires you to do something special to get it. While a small number are released at certain times throughout the year, players with access to the Neopets Mobile network can create a Lutari whenever they want.

Can't Afford?
There are other ways to get these sorts of Neopets:

Lab Ray - Collect all of the pieces of the Laboratory Map and you will have access to the Lab Ray. Zap one of your existing Neopets and you might be lucky enough for it to change into the species you want! There are no guarantees on the results, and with the possibility of multiple gender changes, transformation into a hideous mutant, or alteration into one of numerous other common species, the resulting trauma to your poor Neopet could be significant! You have been duly warned!

Adoption Center - From time to time, you can find Limited Edition or Restricted Neopets in the Neopian Pound. If you want one of these Neopets, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the pound, because it is definitely the most economical way to get one. (Note: The only species that you cannot currently get there is the Lutari.)

Source: Neopet The Official Magazine, Issue 19

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