DoN: Series 1: Mission 8 - Meerca Henchmen - P2  

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I realized where I went wrong. I make a big mistake. In the first round, instead of using Burrow, I used Berserk. This mistake cost me 100k. Sigh...

Feeling all charge up, I went off and got myself another Scroll of Freezing - 90k np, another water muffin at 7,500np. (see below on Update)

Equip it to my pet and off into the Battledome and find those 2 brothers.

Round 1: Scroll of Freezing, Water Muffin and Burrow.
We froze each other while take out about 30hp from each other.

Round 2: 2 Water Muffins and Berserk.
I took out 135hp from the brothers. They also took 61hp from me.

Round 3: 1 Water Muffin and Thick Smoke Bomb with Berserk.

They are done. Finished. I won.

I got an avatar and a trophy.

Next Mission - The Giant Ghostkerchief.
I will need to train my pet to a strength of 85. That's going to be a while. So back to training.

Update: (July 17, 2007)
Tex_26 has informed me that he managed to defeat Meerca with Snow Mudball instead of Water Muffin which is much cheaper than Water Muffin. Give it a try and come back and let me know. Thanks.

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