DoN: Series 1 - Mission 4 - Meuka  

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Difficulty Rating: 60
starting Hit Points: 75
Location Hint Generally found around fellow snot. Ugh, is your Neopet sick? (Your pet must catch Sneezles or NeoFlu and then you must refresh here.
Suggested Minimum Strength: 35
Tip: This is a nasty opponent. Before you begin, make sure your neopet is at least level 10, and give him or her four bottled earth faeries, which will grant your Neopet the "burrow" ability.
Please note that you must activate abilities on your Neopet's Quick Ref Page.
Your pet should have at least 25 hit points.
Also invest in a Downsize!
Meuka's Radioactive Muffin and Snot Gloves attacks are absolutely devastating.
Burrowing will hopefully prevent this combo from taking you out, but you'll need a little luck.

Start the battle by burrowing and throwing two Snow Mudballs at Meuka.
Some suggest water Muffins, but those are much more expensive.
Next, use your Downsize! While throwing another Snow Mudball.
Then, if needed, use a Lesser Healing Scroll and Scarab Ring.
Continue fighting defensively with the Scarab Rings until meuka is down.

Bottled Earth Faerie - 5,500np

Downsize! - 8,000np

Snow Mudball - 1,000np

I forgot to take the screenie when I fought him. So I don't have any pix to show.

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