DoN: Series 1 - Mission 5 - Brain Tree  

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Brain Tree


Difficulty Rating: 91
Starting Hit Points: 105
Location Hint he's pretty hard to miss ... That big tree in the haunted Woods? Why don't you do him a favor?
Suggested Minimum Strength: 35
Tip: The Brain Tree is an easier opponent compared to Meuka, but he has the ability to heal, which makes this battle challenging.
When planning your strategy, you should go in very strong on offense.
If possible, invest in an item that freeze 100% of the time, instead of depending on unreliable items like Snowglobe Staffs and Ice Motes.
You can buy a Scroll of Freezing, but this is a breakable item and may only last a few battles or only one.

Scroll of Freezing - 77,000np

Fire Muffin - 2,000np

How I fight the Brain Tree:
1. When the fight starts, throw a Fire Muffin while using your freezing item.
2. Once the Brain Tree is frozen, fierce attack it with 2 more Fire Muffins.
3. On your final turn, throw your last 2 muffins while burrowing, and take should defeat that tree.

I forgot to get the screenie except for the winning part. LOL.

How to get Brain Tree as a challenger:

First go to Haunted Wood to do his quest.

You will be asked 2 questions.
The name of the person is given.
You have to answer where and when this person died.

To get this answer, you have to do 2 Esophagor quests.

When you do the first quest, it will let you know when the person died. You are asked to get 1 item.

When you have completed the 1st quest, quickly go do the 2nd quest by clicking on the Esophagor .

This time, you will be asked where this person died at. And this time, you will asked to get 2 items.

Note: IF the items is too expensive, don't do the quest. Let both the brain tree and Esophagor quests lapse and come back to do it in about 2 hours.

When you got the answer, go back to Brain Tree and type in the answer. You will get a reward for giving the right answer and you will have the Brain Tree as a challenger.

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