DoN: Series 1 - Mission 3 - Cave Chia  

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Cave Chia


Difficulty Rating: 58
starting Hit Points: 61
Location Hint He likes to doodle on cave walls ...
Suggested Minimum Strength: 13
Tip: It's recommended that you increase your Hit Points to at least 16, just to be on the safe side.
It also recommended that you add an Ice Mote to your arsenal.

Begin with 2 Scarab Rings, a Leaf Shield, a Purple Sticky Hand, and 2 Exploding Snowballs.
First, grab his Blue Frost Cannon with your Sticky Hand, so he can't freeze you.
Then, use a Scarab Ring and the Ice Mode to attempt to freeze him. Once he is frozen, slam him with 2 Exploding Snowballs on fierce attack, then finish him off with the dual Scarab Rings.

Purple Sticky Hand - 2,000np

Exploding Snowballs - 350np

This is how I fight him:

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