DoN: Series 1: Mission 2 - Ghost Lupe  

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Ghost Lupe


Difficulty Rating: 32
starting Hit Points: 32
Location Hint Pay close attention to that first comic panel ...
Suggested Minimum Strength: 13, though it's possible with 8
Tip: Beware of the Icy Snowballs!
Invest in a Leaf Shield to defend yourself. Though it will be tough, but his battle can be won with only 8 strength. TNT suggest training up to 13 strength.

Equip yourself with a leaf Shield, a healing item (such as the Bronze Scorchstone, which is more expensive but never breaks, or a Lesser Healing Scroll, which is cheaper but only lasts a while), and a Purple Sticky Hand.
Also, keep a Scarab Ring equipped, just in case you run out of snowballs.
Fill the remaining slots with Exploding Snowballs.
Use the Leaf Shield to protect against the Ghost Lupe's Icy Snowballs, while using the Purple Sticky Hand to grab his Grand Lightning Beam.
Continue using the Leaf Shield and pelting him with snowballs, heal when necessary.

Leaf Shield - 9,000np

Bronze Scorchstone - 40,000np

Lesser Healing Scroll - 4,000np

Icy Snowball - 120np

How I fight him?

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