Valentine Chia Avatar and Valentine Side Bar  

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Feburary 14 is coming soon. And there is 2 things you have to do.

1. Valentine Chia Avatar

You can get this avatar when you send this Valentine's Card on February 13th or Valentine's Day.

2. Valentine Side Bar

Send A Mysterious Valentines Card

to a friend on February 14th, you AND your friend will get the Valentines Sidebar and the card WILL disappear.

When you send the card, you will get this SSH:

You have given A Mysterious Valentines Card to '********'. It's sent anonymously, of course, so they'll never know it was from you.

You can try to get this card from Neopian Gift Shop or from Trade.

The A Mysterious Valentines Card is trading at 180k to 250k.

Edit: The price on the wizard is now at 43K

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Can send me the card? hehee

8:19 PM

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