DoN: Series 2 - Mission 3 : Kasuki Lu  

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DoN: Mission 3 : Near Hubert's Hot Dog Stand...

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What do you have to do?

1. Read the comic
2. Get him as a challenger if you haven't have him as a challenger in your battledome list.
3. Go to Battledome and fight him.
4. When you win the fight, you will get an avatar and a trophy.


I had beaten him once before. That's when I got the avatar.

If you have beaten him once, you will have to beat him again this time to get the trophy.


How to get him as a challenger?

Purchase a Kasuki Lu collector card and view the card.

How to fight him?

This is what I use:
2 scarab rings
Scroll of Freezing

I use 1 scarab, Scroll of Freezing and the Burrow ability. It freeze him. (I forgot to catch the screenie.

Then I use 2 scarab Rings and the Berserk ability. (You can only get this ability if your pet's level is 50 and above)

With only 6 HP, I hit him again with 2 Scarab Rings and Berserk. This time it finished him.

Others said you can use:
2 scarab rings
4 Exploding Snowballs
Snowglobe Staff to freeze him

You need to have the ability of burrow and your pet's level must be above 35.

Winning the fight

When you win the fight, you will see the message that say "You have beaten Kasuki Lu". Click NEXT and it will bring you to here:

Click "Back to Defender of Neopia Headquater" and you will see this:

Click "Collect my reward" and you will go here.

Go to your userlookup and you should see your trophy being replace by this Kasuki Lu trophy.

Good Luck.

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