Slippery Floor Potion  

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Type Slippery Floor Potion on the search bar and this is the information you will get.

Name : Slippery Floor Potion
Weight : 1 lbs.
Rarity : 93
Cost (approx) : 28248 NP

And what can you do with a Slippery Floor Potion?
The slippery floor potion will instantly transform the ground beneath your opponent to ice.

This is how much you have to pay if you buy from the shop. 49K++ NP

And ...

And ...

And ...

And ...

And look at how much it cost at the wizard?

2 more items I found out that's overpriced.

Evil Snowball Wand - Cost: 19,056 NP
Wizard Price: 1,200np

Poison Snowball Wand - Cost: 17,014 NP
Wizard Price: 1,1000np

So the advise is DON'T BUY FROM Kauvara

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