Kadoaties - Still confused?  

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Here's a step by step: LOL

Step 1:

Open 3 windows.

One is the Kadoatery,
Second is the shop wiz and
Third is the SDB.

Practise you Ctrl C(copy) and Ctrl V(paste) - LOL.

If you don't have the item in your inventory, quickly pick one and copy and paste to buy from Wizard.

Step 2:

Whatever you have bought but did use it (in case someone fed it before you do and this happened many times), keep it for future use. This is because kadoaties food repeats very often.

Step 3:

Get the restock time from the Kadoatery Board and KEEP your eye on the TNT Clock. Refresh on the minute.

Step 4:

Go through the list from the previous post and try to keep at least 48 of those food items in your inventory.

Step 5:

Lastly, at the Kadoatery, all you need to do is to refresh exactly at the minute for around 10s. Once you see the food you have in your inventory, quickly click all of them. Just in case someone else is faster. They all have access to the food list. :D

Step 6:

If you have the food in your inventory or once you got the food item from the Wizard, click on that food (at the kadoatery) again to feed and you have fed your 1st Kadoatie. Now go to your userlookup to enjoy your bronze trophy.

Good Luck.

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