Game: A Templeton's Ramp Roam  

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A Templeton's Ramp Roam

Templeton the rat is scavenging the feeding troughs and barnyard of Zuckerman's Farm for his next meal, but he has to watch out for falling debris! Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to make Templeton run along the platforms, and press SPACEBAR to make him jump between them.

Beware, for Farmer Zuckerman is feeding all of his animals, so at various times pig slop, fruits, and vegetables will cascade down the platform. Be careful — you must not be hit by the falling food! Collect tidbits ...

Level 1:

That's all I can get. 80points.

1st, I am scared of rat. So I really shouldn't be playing a game as a rat.
2nd, motor skill game. I can't play it.


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