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How to Feed?

There are 3 methods that everyone used to feed the Kadoaties: Inventory, Safety Deposit Box (SDB), and Shop Wizard (SW).

1. Inventory:
The first method is inventory and is most probably the easiest. All you need to do is pick some good food items and leave them in your inventory. When the Kadoaties required feeding and you happened to see one kadoatie that want the food you have in your inventory, just click! And you are done. You have fed a kadoaties. That's who I fed my first and only (for now) kitty.

2. Safety Deposit Box
The second method is SDB.

In this method, you buy as much of the items as you can first, and place them in your SDB. Reason is your SDB doesn't have banner, ads which slow down downloading time if you were to buy from member's shop.

3. Shop Wizard
The last method is shop wizard.

If you use this method, you need to have several windows opened. 1 window for the Wizard page, 1 window for your kadoaties page. Then once it appear, copy and paste into the wizard search box and pray hard. LOL. However, this page could be expensive because you have to act fast and you can't afford to refresh a second time to get a cheaper price.

What is Restock Time:

The feeding times for the Kadoatery is very systematic. It restocks every 30-45 minutes. However, there are kind neopians who will calculate this and post it in the Game Board. They usually post the restock times in their neosignatures.

So at the time they specified, refresh at the kadoatery and you should be able to see what the kiddy wants to eat. Use the clock on your sidebar.

Kadoatery Board Terminology:

The neopians that chat on this board is so "oldies" that they have their own language. When I first started reading their conversation, I am completely lost. Here are some acronyms, terms I have found:

HN/hn=Had nothing
CF/cf=Congrats feeders
SDB/sdb=Safety Deposit Box
SW/sw=Shop Wizard
Main=Main Kad Restock - this means that more kadoaties need feeding.
Mini=Mini Kad Restock - this means that only a few (could be 1) kadoaties need feeding.
Ub: Unbuyable

You will see this VERY OFTEN:
Main : xx // Mini : xx

What is the main and what is the mini?
Well, the main restock is when the majority of the Kadoaties get fed. It's just the regular restock time.

The mini usually happens a few minutes before or after the main restock.

Extra Note:
Usually you need to open 3-4 windows. One for the Kadoatery, one for Wizard, one for SDB and one for the kadoatery Board.

What does the Kadoaties eat?

There is a huge list that I can't possibly put it here. However, I have found a Feeder who has compile a list. You can find it HERE.

Her Tips on Picking an Inventory:
The best way I know to pick an inventory is to pick one kind of item to feed. These can be items from the same food type (like Faerie Foods or Desert Food) or items with the same word in them (like all with "Ice Cream" in the name). And don't buy all of them unless you plan on SDB feeding them. *points to message about 51† items* Some item groups have both the same word in each name AND are a separate item type (like most Hot Dogs and Pizzas).

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