Feeding Kadoaties - What is it?  

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Kadoaties are cat-like Petpets which refuse to sleep in the dark. So when the lights are switch off they start to cry until the lights are turn back on.

When their owners goes on vacation, they are sometimes placed in the Kadoatery. But they will get lonely and hungry and they kept waiting for someone to feed them.

TCG Cards:
In the Neopets TCG they are featured in 6 different cards, and are associated with the element of light.

Famous Kadoties:
Greedy Kadoatie

This Greedy Kadoatie is a mutant Petpet which wails incessantly in a random event until one pays it 5000 NP. He has visited me one too many times. There was once he came twice in a week. Arrgghhh!!!


Warf Rescue Team:
Those silly Kadoaties have got stuck up a really tall tree and cannot get down - this is a job for the Warf Rescue Team!!!

You must stack the Warfs up so they form a big tall column of Warfs. When the green bar moves into the correct position, click and hold the left mouse button. This will launch a Warf from a catapult onto the top of the stack. Try and maneuver the Warfs into the Kadoaties so they can help them to safety. If you get the Warf perfectly on top of the ...

Feeding Kadoatery FAQ:

Where is the Kadoatery?

It's HERE at the Neopian Plaza.


For feeding 1-9 Kadoaties, you'll get the Bronze trophy, 10-24 for the Silver, and 25 or more, you will get the Gold trohpy.

When you have fed 75 kadoaties, you will also get the pink Kadoatery - Mew! Avatar.

How do I know when to feed?

You generally feed during re-stock time. How do you know when is the restock time? You go to the Game Board and look for a "Kadoatery" topic.

Read through the page and you will DEFINATELY see a post or 2 on the RS Time.

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