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Something interesting is happening at the Game Center. I am still trying to figure it out.

Go check it out at the Game Center.

Update #1 - How to Play:

Complete the challenge set by the Game master and you can claim gifts. So what are the challenges? Check here.

This is what I have got.

1 - Get Your Feet Wet
Just play 1 game and submit the score.
The qualifying games can be found here.

2 - Dive In, 5 - Lonely No More and 9 - It's a Party!
Submit the score of 5 different games will complete the task for #2.
While playing one of this game, send a Flash Challenge Card to your friend. You can find it next to "Play Again" after you have send the score. This will help you complete task #5.
While playing a 2nd game, send 5 Challenge Card to your friend (you can send to the same person) and you will complete task #9.

3 - Awww, My Favourite! and 10 - I Can't Choose Just One
Add a game to your favourites list and that complete task #3.
Continue to add 11 more games to your favorites list and that will complete task #10. If you have 12 favorite games already, I suggest removing some and re-adding the game to your favorite list.

4 - I'm Getting the Hang of This
Submit score on 10 unique Flash Games

6 - Finger Cramps
Submit score on 25 unique Flash Games

7 - Hidden Gem
Submit score on the secret game
People on the Board said the secret game is Bouncy Supreme.

Update: Bouncy Supreme is the secret game. I have just played it. I send a score of 87 points. (I am terrible with these games) and I have got it.

8 - New Arrow Keys Required
Submit score on 50 unique Flash Games

11 - Secret Challenge
Can you figure it out?

You have to send score for 62 Flash games - I would assume this is 62 different games.
Thanks to drusilla_68

12 - Secret Challenge
Can you figure it out?

You have to send score for all Flash games.
Again thanks to drusilla_68 for contributing this.

It's going to take me a while to finish challenge #11 and #12. I am terrible at some of the games on the list. You know, me and my motor skills. LOL.

I forgot to add the rules:

"On 22nd of the Month of Storing, I issued the Games Master Challenge! The idea is to complete all the challenges I've handed down. I'm sure it would be difficult for someone like you, but they're really easy for me.

"Anyway, there are only a few rules:

* Only games from the "Qualifying Games" list will count. I am the Games Master! I can choose whatever games I want!
* Playing the same game multiple times won't count either. That wouldn't be much of a challenge, now would it?
* Check the "Qualifying Games" list to see which games you've played and which you haven't.
* There are some secret challenges to complete, so try different things to figure them out.
* Make sure to tell everyone how cool and smart I am, hmm?

"That's it, really. Once you complete a challenge, you can click on the gift image to collect your prize. I sure most people won't get that far, though, so I don't expect to be giving away many prizes. Ha ha!"

I am curious to find out what's the prize.

Update #2 - Prizes:
Once you have completed any of the challenge, the present box will be lighted. You can click it to get your prize. Silly me just found out from the Board.

Here's my present:

Once you have claimed your prize, there will be a 'tick' on the pressie box, like this:

Update #3:
For your game to count PLAYED, you must send a score of more than 50pts.

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Challenge #11 (SC #4) - Send score for 62 Flash games. o_O

Challenge #12 (SC #5) - Send score for ALL Flash Games.

10:32 AM

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