Secret Hideout at Neopia  

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The Hidden Tower

This is the place where the richest of Neopians do their shopping. It is an invisible tower in the Queen Faeries tower which has been home for hundreds of years to the most powerful items in Neopia. She is now selling them to raise money for Faerieland... can you afford the price???

You can get 2 avatars from here.

Fyora - Faerie Queen Avatar

Buy anything from the Hidden Tower. I suggest you buy the Faerie Queen Doll. It will give you the other avatar.

Queen Fyora Avatar

Play with a Faerie Queen Doll.

A peek on what's sold here.

Be careful where you click. There is no bargaining here. Once you click on it, that's it. You got the item. Remember to bring enough Np.

There are a few cheap items:
Baby Paint Brush: 600,000 NP
Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy: 544,500 NP
Squeezy Tombola Guy Toy: 110,000 NP

Most expensive item is the Pirate Captains Cutlass selling at 16,000,000 NP.

Jelly World

Everyone at Neopet denies that Jelly World exist. If you type Jelly World in the Help/Search, you will get this answer.

What is Jelly World?

Jelly World? I have no idea what you are talking about... There is no such thing as Jelly World!

However, Jelly world does exist. Opps! Will I get into trouble for this? LOL...

In a very distant corner of Neopia, a strange town exists built entirely of orange jelly. Nobody knows how it got there, perhaps a magic spell that backfired, or perhaps it was commissioned by an eccentric Neopian billionaire with a sweet tooth, who knows!

During your stay, please try not to eat the buildings!

You can play the Bouncy Supreme Game and buy Jelly Food here.

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