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Pronounciation: pee-oh-fin

July 26th - Peophin Day

As of November 2006, the Peophin ranked 24th most popular with over 2.9 million living in Neopia.
I used to have one but I abandoned it at the pound so that I could adopt my Shoyru. I feel so bad about it. She is living in Saudi Arabia now. I wonder if she likes the hot weather there. Sigh...

Considered one of the most stunning and beautiful Neopets, the Peophin is a sea borne Neopet that is considered by many is one of the most dazzling yet mysterious Neopets in existence.

How they appeared is unknown, however citizens of Neopia one day noticed sleek and graceful movements in the clear waters off the coast of Neopia Central. These movements turned out to be the first contact between Neopian citizens and these neopets. The peophin is now a popular neopet with its uni-like figure, and there have been many famous peophins in history. The peophin is a proud neopet so many of its kind originate with Royal blood.

Peophins were the first Limited Edition Neopet, but were later made available for all owners.

In the Neopets TCG, Peophins are associated with the element of water.

Famous Peophins include:
* Marak

Guardian of the seas and oceans near Altador and one of its twelve protectors.

* Peopatra

Seller of petpets in Sakhmet City at the Lost Desert.

* Venuquin

The guide that led Kino the Kougra and Skib the Skeith back to Mystery Island. Often called the mother of all Peophins, legend has it she swam the southern seas of Neopia rescuing sailors and leading ships out of danger.

* Helmo Timm

Helmo Timm is one players for 2006's Altador Cup, and a Left Forward for Kiko Lake. Thought to be lost for the tournament after getting hurt at the end of league matches, Helmo begged the team's doctor for a chance to return after her replacement, Holbie Pinnock, went down with an injury. Sporting a cast on her right foreleg, this speedy scorer has looked surprisingly good during practices... so far.

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