Diseases of Neopia  

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Your pet will get sick and they do no recover until you do something about it. Your pet will continue to lose hit points, be unable to fight in the battledome, and become more miserable until it's cured.

They can be diagnosed at the NeoHospital, and the cures can be bought at Neopian Pharmacy or other such stores. A disease can also be cured at the Healing Springs in Faerieland once every 1/2 hour, but may require several visits because the healing process is random.

Diseases can also occur as Random Events, or may be triggered by an item such as Rotten Omelette or Poisonous Jelly. You could also get it from the Wheel of Excitement which features a different disease your Neopet can be afflicted with every few months. Also, some weapons of the battledome have been known to cause sickness.

As of July 25, 2006, there is a current total of 35 diseases, but new ones are always being added to the game.

Item that cause diseases:

There are some items either food or battledome weapons which will bring disease to your pet. Some people enjoy making opponents pets sick with weapons in the battledome. Although infecting a pet with food is usually a newbie mistake, sometimes owner will purposely infect their pet by giving a pet a different disease so that it's cheaper to cure.

Infection through Foods

Ferocious Negg

This will your pet a random disease. It is available from the Negg Faerie or you can buy it at trading post for 369,000np. So I guess you won't be feeding it to your pet unless you want to give your pet some strength booster, LOL.

Poisonous Jelly

This will give your pet Neomonia.

The cure is to bathe your pet using Medicinal Soap. This cost about 12,000np

Poisonous Lollypop

This will give your pet floppy tongue.

Give your pet a Tongue Shrinker Injection to cure. This cost about 3,500np

Poisonous Mushroom

This will give your pet Neopox. This is a retired and rare item from The Apothecary, which means you will rather keep it, because it's a collectable. It costs about 10-12 thousand NP, so users who buy it likely know not to feed it to their pet.

The cure is feed your pet a slice of NeoPox Pizza. This cost about 1,000np

Rotten Omelette

This will give your pet the Ugga-Ugga.

The cure is to give your pet a warm cup of Sporkle Syrup. This will be an expensive syrup costing about 200,000np.

Infection through Weapons
A pet gets a disease from a weapon not by equipping it, but by having an opponent attack them with that weapon in the battledome. Most disease causing weapons include poison in their name, but a few do not. So if you don't fight any challenges from other Neopians, you will be safe.

Buzz Poison Blaster

This will cause blurry vision.

Coral Cutlass

This will cause Fuzzy Fungus or Itchy Scratchies.

Darkness Scarab

This will cause Itchy Scratchies.

Mistletoe Potion

This will cause Hoochie Coochies.

Mysterious Hemlock Dart and Super Hemlock Dart

This will cause Bloaty Belly.

Poison Dart and Super Poison Dart

This will cause Cricky Neck.

Poison Muffin

This will cause illness but not confirmed what type of illness yet.

Poison Snowball

This will cause Hoochie Coochies.

Poison Tipped Dagger

This will cause Neowarts.

Poison Snowflake

This will cause Hoochie Coochies.

Portable Cloud

This will cause Watery Eyes.

Vile Swamp Water

This will cause Watery Eyes.

Species Specific
There are some species whereby they can get sick by eating certain foods which will not affect other species.

For example:
* Kyriis can get Itchy Scratchies from Apples.

* Quiggles get Neezles from eating Ice Cream, and other "cream" foods, because they are cold blooded and their blood changes temperature according to their surroundings.

* Tonu can get sick from a Melted Chocolate Negg.

* Skeith can get sick from Cheese items.

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