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Nimmo Day - June 15th

As of November 2006, there are 2.6million Nimmos living in Neopia. They ranked 27th most popular pet in Neopet. However, if you have access to the Secret Laboratory where you can zapped your pet into another species, you will get a message from your pet telling you that they do not like to be change into a frog. LOL...

Nimmos are spiritual and very intelligent. They value peace and friendship. Nimmos looks similar to frogs with long, thin limbs. Some of the Nimmos devote their life to learning a particular skill such as becoming a teacher at the Mystery Island Training School, while others prefer to turn their vast intellect to books and study. The Nimmo was one of the original pets on the site.

In the Neopets TCG, Nimmos are associated with the element of water.

Famous Nimmos include:
* Ryshu

Ryshu is a Red Nimmo ninja instructor at the Training School of Mystery Island. Taught at a young age by the Techo Master, Ryshu was once an arrogant student, paying little attention to his lessons, preferring to spend his time on Mystery Island's beaches writing haikus about its beauty. Ryshu did not wish to train when he could enjoy the beaches, but his owner wanted him to. The Techo Master promised him a week off from training if he passed his Battledome examinations. Ryshu started training with fierce intensity, and promised the Techo Master to come the best overall. Although he did not live up to this boast, he did come in the top three for every category. His holiday was interupted, however, when he joined the Mystery Island Milita to defend against an invasion on the second day. He received a Medal of Valour for his efforts. Ryshu then went on to work for the Grand Master Quests, the ultimate tests of a Neopets training.

* The owner of the Neopian Book Shop

* Sssidney

the Nimmo from the Deserted Fairground scratchcard kiosk.

* Orrin
a red Nimmo, in charge of inventory on The Cyodrake's Gaze.

* Gorunda the Wise

Deep within the western reaches of the Haunted Woods lives an old Nimmo crone named Gorunda. It is said those who can brave her traps and traverse the swamp can learn many secrets from the beginning of Neopia from her.

* Reb Weemelott

Reb Weemelott is one of the players for 2006's Altador Cup, and a Right Forward for Brightvale. "Weems" has perfected a maneouvre called "the icepick." Whenever a Brightvale player is being guarded by their opponent, Weemelott will rush over next to the defender and, placing his hand on his hips, extend his elbow so that it catches the defender in the stomach. Because (rumour has it) he keeps a flat piece of metal in his elbow pad, the effect of getting caught by "the icepick" is like getting punched in the belly with an iron glove. He's been checked countless times, but never caught with the metal on his elbow.

* Teylore Nix

A Nimmo playing as Left Forward on the Mystery Island team during the 2006 Altador Cup. This charismatic Nimmo is adept at passing and scoring, and is even a solid contributor on defence. On most teams Nix would be considered a star, but because he shares the field with the titan Volgoth, he's reduced to the role of sidekick in most fans' eyes.

Avatar related to a Nimmo:
Baby Avatar

Visit a Baby Nimmo's lookup.

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Sssidney avatar

Buy a scratchcard from the Deserted Fairground Scratchcard. Scratch it and if you win (that is getting 3 of the same square), you will get this avatar.

Some Nimmo:

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