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The games room got a revamp. Here's the game master.

Out of my way! Out of my way!

Geesh! Who is this guy?

"Ha! Have you not heard? I am Aristotle A. Avinroo - Games Master Aaa to you - and you may notice things are a little different around here. My extremely high IQ has made me the perfect choice to run the new Games Room. I can tell you're impressed."

Right, you think. So, what does that mean exactly?

"Well, it means that I watch over all the games in the Games Room. For someone of my intelligence, it's quite easy. Did you know that I can play eight puzzle games at the same time with my eyes closed? I can tell you're impressed."

Impossible! He could never do that. He'd have to be a Uniocto with eight tentacles to do that! But he continues to insist he can and that no one else would be able to play as many games as he. You beg to differ, and think this sounds like a challenge!

"AH HA! I've got it! A Games Master Challenge is in order! You see, if there really are great gamers in Neopia, they will have no problem proving it, right? Yes. Brilliant."

Hey! He stole your idea!

"This is fantastic! Only someone with a cognitive capacity such as mine could come up with an idea like this. I will draft the rules and announce them to all of Neopia, say, tomorrow. Yes, the 22nd of the Month of Storing. Gamers from every world will answer my challenge, and perhaps I'll even award prizes... well, that's doubtful. No one will ever perform well enough for that. Anyway, come back tomorrow! Yes... tomorrow..."

He floats away on that chair of his, still mumbling to himself about the challenge. Guess you should come back tomorrow. You can't miss this.

It has been reclassified and easier to find the games. Go check it out. Just click on the Game at the sidebar.

One other new thing I found.

When you send the score of your game, there is a new feature - "Send a Challenge Card".

I tried it and it ask for a friend's name and email. And I sent one. I wonder what it will do. Will update later.

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