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Mynci Day - Feb 22nd

Myncis are popular and as of November 2006, they are ranked 14th with over 5.4 million living in Neopia.

The Mynci is a monkey-like Neopet, who is a fun-loving creature with great agility and balance. These abilities help the Mynci able to fly high gathering foods from the trees and high plains.

Mynci is the Welsh word for the metal hames in a harness, though it's likely Neopets confused it with the similar Welsh word "mwnci", meaning monkey. Both are homophones of the English word "monkey" when used in Welsh but according to the Neopets pronuncation guide the pronunciation of the Neopet is "mwn-sea".

In the Neopets TCG, Myncis are associated with the element of Earth.

Famous Myncis include:
* The band M*YNCI

(a spoof of N*SYNC) Harmonious vocals, suave dance moves and good looks. These boys have it all, its easy to see why M*ynci are always followed by screaming fans.

* Master Vex

Master Vex is a prison warden who is incredibly bored. Lord Darigan has entrusted him to keep his dungeons safe and secure.

To pass the time Vex invented the game of Cellblock, oh... did we mention he has never lost a game? I have managed to play this game until I got my gold trophy and my AV. Don't ask me how I got it because I played this long time ago and have never played it ever since. LOL.

* Valin the Quick

He is from the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot.

* Hubert

Hubert runs the hot dog stand in Neopia Central. His friendly manner and helpful advice make him a very popular Mynci.

Has been known to do business with others and hide secret messages in hot dogs to those who give him the proper passwords.

* Two Rings Warlock

Deadly spellcasters, warlocks can reduce any foe to a smoking pile of ash with the merest look. Do not trifle with them!

* Channy

Channy the Mynci has been trapped for three days now. That wicked little Neopet V2 won't let him out of the maintenance area until he has completed his new word game - Spell or Starve. Uggh! Can you help Channy out so he can escape before he starves to death?

* Trickster Llugh

He is the Mynci featured in a legend about how Gadgadsbogen came to be.

* Myncha

He is in charge of reconnaisance during the Tyrannian War and one of the Tyrannian Council elders. So he can sneak in and out of the most heavily guarded places. If you want something found out, Myncha is your man.

* Volgoth

A Mynci playing as Right Forward on the Mystery Island team during the 2006 Altador Cup. Despite a lack of grace and technique, Volgoth is one of the most dominant players in the game. Once he's planted himself in front of the net and gotten his hands on the Yooyuball, his powerful shots are nearly impossible for goalies to stop. Opponents usually double or triple team him, in hopes of either keeping the ball away from the massive Mynci or forcing him to pass it off to an unguarded teammate.

Avatar related to Mynci:
Beware Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Halloween Mynci

Master Vex Avatar

Random event when you play Cellblock. I got this AV only after I had played all the prisoners several times. Can't remember which level. It's a long time ago.

Mynci Spike Avatar

Score 800+ at Mynci Beach Volleyball

Here are some Mynci:

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