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Tonu Day - Feb 21st

As of November 2006, Tonu is the 50th most common Neopet with over 260,000 living in Neopia. This oculd be because they are limited pet.

The Tonu looks like a rhinoceros with a mane. They are known to come from Tyrannia, where they hatch from giant eggs.

A small number are made available on the site every day whenever the Giant Omelette in Tyrannia has run out; this is the only limited edition pet that is available so often. Players can also use certain item like the Morphing Potions or a visit to the Laby Ray may turn their pets into Tonu.

In the Neopets TCG, Tonus are associated with the element of fire.

Famous Tonus include:
* General Dacon

Leader of the Sakhmetian army, General Dacon has faithfully served the royal house of Sakhmet for many years. His rugged spirit and sincere heart have inspired trust and loyalty among the members of his army and the royal family. While he is accustomed to dealing with the thieves and street urchins that generally plague Sakhmet, General Dacon has never encountered anything like the undead armies that Jazan unleashed upon his city. Only time will tell if General Dacon is capable of standing up to the forces of darkness that threaten the city he has sworn to protect.

* Tonu Sumo Wrestler

AKA Tonunishiki. Though he is just beginning, Tonunishiki strives to be the greatest sumo wrestler in all of Neopia. Kasuki Lu, his rival might have something to say about that.

* Khan the Unstoppable

Many have tried to hold Khan captive but somehow he always manages to find a way to get free...

* Berti the Creator

From a young Tonu, Berti loved trying to think of new and exciting recipes. Often with very unexpected results.

* Champion

This big headed Tonu makes it his job to win first place at absolutely everything. He likes nothing more than adding a new trophy to his collection (apart from boasting about how great he is).

* Wila Benne

A Tonu playing as Left Forward on the Tyrannia team during the 2006 Altador Cup. A highly touted prospect in her youth, Wila's first few years were a rather rocky time that saw her bounce from team to team, never quite living up to expectations. Upon her arrival in Tyrannia, however, she discovered that she'd come to a team whose coaches and style of play matched her skills perfectly. The rest, as they say, is history...

Avatar related to Tonu:
Charge Avatar

Battle a Darigan Tonu. Again go to the Battledome Board and ask if anyone is willing to battle with you.

Dr Grumps Avatar

You have to get over 900 at Gourmet Club Bowls. A tip and it works for me. Type "shepherd" on the opening game, before you start. Then when you hear the sound of applause, press continue, and you will receive double the score at the end of each round.

Ouch Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a ill (has a sickness) Mutant Tonu (Please do not bug the owners of these Pets) Thanks to jessitruck__27, Other possibly sick ones, here & here & here (all these are ill at the time of adding to Nutty)

Plushie Avatar

Donate any item with the word Plushie in the name to the Money Tree. Do not use quick stock. It doesn't work.

Aren't Tonu just adorable?

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