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Sept 13th - Techo Day

As of November 2006 they are the 32nd most common Neopet with 2.3 million living in Neopia.

The Techo looks like a large gecko/lizard. Techos are almost always happy, and they love to make other people laugh. They are very agile and are often good at acrobatics. They seem to live mostly on Mystery Island, and there is a volcano that has the face of a Techo carved into its side.

In the Neopets TCG, Techo are associated with the element of light.

Famous Techos include:
* The Techo Master of the Mystery Island Training School

The Techo Master is a Techo ninja warrior and teacher of the Training School. His real name is unknown, so he's just referred to as the Techo Master.

There are a few article in the Neopedia which I thought is good reading.

Neopedia : The Tale of Young Ryshu
Neopedia : Ryshu Goes on a Grand Quest
Neopedia : The Lesson of the Techo Master

* Velm the Healer

The team's healer in NeoQuest II. Velm is found in the Lost Desert, part 3 of the game. He can either heal your entire group or heal individuals much more.

* Dr_Death

Dr_Death is a Yellow Techo and one of the keepers of the Neopian Pound. He is the one you see when you want to abandon their Neopet.

Dr_Death used to be full of happiness and enthusiasum, and would heal injured Puppyblews and other creatures before finding them good homes. He was accepted at the Pound after years of medical training, finding homes for all unwanted Neopets. But as teh years passed, Dr_Death eventually gave up hope, becane grumpy because so many members would abandon their Neopets without any regrets.

* Kelland

Kelland, AKA The Thief, is a Blud Techo and one of the 12 heroes of Altador. He is a highly skilled thief and has mastery over the dark arts, which he doesn't feel is evil, but how one uses it.

* Tekkitu the Witch Doctor

He is the oppoinent you have to defeat in the Defenders of Neopia Mission 7.

* Tekel

Master of Spells and Potions during the Tyrannian War.

What are their names?

* The Techo that runs "The Buzzer Game"

* An unnamed Techo fanatic from the Altador Cup who is seen shouting and waving his fist at the players in the game, flash video and as a prize from the Cup.

* Barit Jowes

Barit Jowes is the Right Defender for Maraqua in the Altador Cup 2006. As a relatively new member of the Maraquan squad, Jowes has done his best to stay out of the whole Hughlis affair. When asked, his response was, "Since I'm young and just getting started, I try to show up each day and play as hard as I can. Beyond that, I just kinda keep to myself, pretty much...." * Wan Dirx
Wan Dirx is one of the players for 2006's Altador Cup, and a Left Defender for Haunted Woods. As if the Haunted Woods' defence wasn't already fierce enough, Dirx joined the squad as rookie last year and immediately established himself as a star in the making.

* Maital Koric

A Defender for the Mystery Island team in the 2006 Altador Cup. Although they play in a 3-1-1 formation, teams are usually so exhausted from trying to slow down Nix and Volgoth that they usually don't have much energy to mount a counterattack of their own. When opponents do attempt to score, however, Koric does a decent (if unspectacular) job of trying to keep them in check.

* "Wizard" Windelle

A Centre Forward on the Meridell team in the 2006 Altador Cup. A master of the "give and go," this gifted passer has the uncanny ability to perfectly place a lob pass just beyond the reach of a defender. Perennially among the game's leaders in turnover-to-assist ratio, "The Wizard" not only makes all the flashy plays look easy, but he's also about as fundamentally sound as any other passer you'll see.

* Wan Dirx

Wan Dirx is the Left Defender for Haunted Woods in the Altador Cup 2006. As if the Haunted Woods' defence wasn't already fierce enough, Dirx joined the squad as rookie last year and immediately established himself as a star in the making.

Avatar related to Techo:
Altador Cup Avatar

You must have participated on the Altador Cup, then you can visit here

Buzz Techo avatar

Get 300+ at the buzzer game

Cheesy Avatar

This is randomly given when you play Cheeseroller. You must complete the game in 60 or less seconds by using any kind of cheese. It is recommended that you use Warty Blue Cheese which cost about 2700np. Yes. You have to buy the cheese to play. Remember you can only play this 3 times a day.

Dr Death Avatar

Go to Dr death at the abandon desk in the adoption center. You don't have to disown a pet, just visit the page.

Techo Master Avatar

View the Training School Wisdom offered by the Techo Master.

Some techo:

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