Game Master Challenge - Last 2 tasks  

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Finally the game faerie must have took pity on me and decided to let me through easy.

Game Faerie 1: Let's give her a break.
Game Faerie 2: You sure?
Game Faerie 1: Yap. Look at her. Smoke is coming out of her head.
Game Faerie 2: You sure?
Game Faerie 1: Yap. He won't know. He's too busy laughing at all the others trying to beat his challenge.
Game Faerie 2: You sure?
Game Faerie 1: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Can you stop saying "You sure?"

haahaahaa... okay, I have gone over the edge trying to play the last 2 games. haahaahaaha...

I play, and play and play until ... never mind...LOL

I have completed them all.

And for all those effort, I rewarded with a stone bridge and a green krawk rug costing 17,000np and 7500np respectively on the Wizard.

What do I think of this challenge? I think it's fun. At least it got me playing games I usually will not even attempted to play and it also got be hook on Attack of the Gummy Dice.

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HOW did you get these tasks?

3:59 PM

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