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April 2nd- Shoyru Day


Shoyrus look like small winged dragons which stand upright on their two hind legs, shaped like hooves. On the backs of their heads, they have a fin-shaped spike, which probably has to do with streamlining their already agile body. They are generally friendly and love to fly-if trained, they can shoot up like rockets. They were first released on April 20, 2000 and were originally created by a user in a "Create-a-pet" competition run on the site. They were partly based on the Pokémon Mew (Myuu). [3] Unfortunately, since the Shoyru's head is drawn in profile, this has led some users to believe that Shoyrus only have one eye; however, a recent Neopets editorial confirmed that Shoyrus do have two eyes.

The Shoyru's name may have come from the "Sho-ryu-ken" (Rising Dragon Fist), a powerful attack from the video game Street Fighter 2.

In the Neopets TCG, Shoyru are associated with the element of air.

As of November 2006, the Shoyru is the most popular Neopet out of the 50+ species with almost 12.5 million created. They have held the position for quite a while.

Famous Shoyrus include:
* Barry

A Baby Shoyru that runs the Attack of the Marblemen game.

* Kelby

The Maraquan Shoyru from the Jubble Bubble game.

* The band Yes Boy Ice Cream

A band that consist of shoyru. Yap, my Bruce has attended their concert. She brought back soem gifts too beside the avatar.

* Enarka

Princess Amira's advisor from The Lost Desert Plot.

* Torshac, Shoyru Scout

This mercenary flies through the night to discover secrets and sell them to the highest bidder. With Torshac around, you had better watch what you say...

* Kentari

The Weapon Master on the Cyodrake's Gaze.

* Sir Pollonaire Freidl

He is the goalkeeper on the Meridell team in the 2006 Altador Cup. Despite his noble background, this 'keeper is hardly what you'd call a stuffed shirt. A fan of the game ever since adolescence, he's earned the respect of fans by working tirelessly for years to become one of the game's great goalkeepers.

Avatar related to a Shoyru:
Bless you, Shoyru Avatar

You must own a shoyru and bless your shoyru with a bottled faerie.

Coco Roller Avatar

You can only get this avatar if you are staying in USA. What you do is go to Neopets Mobile and download the game, play and send in the score with your username. You need a specific type of mobile phone and a specific phone company. THIS COSTS ACTUAL MONEY!!!! That's bad news for us player outside USA. It's time like this I wish I am still staying in USA. LOL.

But I got this avatar. How? Go to the Avatar Board. Every now and then a kind soul will make a post saying they will give you the code. That's how I got mine. So go there and wait patiently. Remember to say thank you. :P

Pirate Shoyru Avatar

View Training Academy

Tough Avatar

You must own a Shoyru and WIN a 1 Player Battledome fight. Try fighting the Inflatable Balthazar because he is the easiest to win.

Yes Boy Ice Cream Avatar

Attend a Yes Boy Ice-Cream concert. Remember to buy a ticket. Check the ticket Booth for when it's playing.

Shoyru are nice. I have a disco Shoyru. Want one?

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