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Skeith Day - Sept 25th

As of November 2006, the Skeith the 31st most popular pet with over 2.3 million living in Neopia.

The Skeith is a large, dragon-like creature with small wings and a spiked tail. They are also the largest pet in Neopia. Skeiths are generally strong, lazy and unpleasant, although individual members of the species may behave quite differently. They will eat practically anything, so owners have to keep them well fe, or else their Skeith may randomly eat items from their inventory. However, this trait also means that Skeiths are easy to feed as they can be fed any item on the site (including non-food items). The Skeith was one of the original pets on the site.

Skeith owner take notes. While they can eat anything, Skeiths come will get Neezles when they ate anything with the word cheese.

In the Neopets TCG, Skeiths are associated with the element of darkness.

Famous Skeiths include:

* Archos

A character in the second Neopets game Neopets: Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing.

* Edmond

a Skeith banker in the Tale of Woe, the Haunted Wood Plot. He is also Bruno's father.

* Draconus Maximus

This Skeith was a legendary fighter long ago, when the battledome was a much more ruthless place.

* The Royal brothers - Hagan and Skarl
The kings of Brightvale and Meridell respectively. The older of the two, Hagan, is intelligent and generous and thus known as the Wise King. Skarl is ill-tempered, a glutton and greedy and thus known as The Grumpy King.

* Gordos

AKA The Collector is one of the 12 heroes of Altador. He was also the merchant to Tormund and Roberta in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie.

* Haskol

He is one of Lord Darigan's soldiers and an opponent in Cellblock.
AKA Guard Two wins most of the Cellblock games he plays, mainly due to the fact that whenever he loses he tends to throw a bit of a tantrum... so if you want to keep your arms intact it is highly recommended to let the Skeith win!

* The National Neopian Bank Manager.

* Snargan

The Castle Treasurer of Meridell who plays the gambling game "Double or Nothing" with players.

* The Hunchbacked Skeith Greed

AKA "The Three." They are the three ghostly apparations who twisted Lord Darigan then Lord Kass into wars with Meridell. They are Greed, Ambition and Revenge and take the forms of a spectral Gelert, a spectral Dark Faerie, and a spectral Skeith, although it is unknown which forms correspond to which flaw.

The Three were featured as a trading card in the Neopets TCGs' Battle for Meridell expansion.

* Malkus Vile

A vile character who was last seen plotting to steal King Coltzan's crown. He hired two Meerca henchmen.

* The Tax Beast

A Skeith from a random event that will steal 25% of your Neopoints. He appears randomly and steals players' on-hand Neopoints. This evil little imp seems to think that he is owed a portion of your money. In fact, when he arrives demanding his fair share, with his teeth bared and his claws drawn, most people usually just give him what he wants!

So keep all your neopoints in the bank. You have been warned.

I found an angry tax beast.

So is the Angry Tax Beast his relative or it's him when he gets angry.

* Siliclast

Siliclast is the first boss in the Lost Desert part of NeoQuest II (part 3). He is a rock Golem, found in the Temple of the Sky. A considerable magic user, Siliclast has 500 hp in normal mode.

* A Skeith

He runs the game Hungry Skeith as well.


The Skeith Invader. Slychi was in the front lines during the Tyrannian war. Only his brute strength and determination helped him survive.

* Kayn Hireck

Kayn Hireck is a Left Forward for Brightvale in Altador Cup 2006. Though he's no longer the dominating presence he might've been a few years ago, Hireck is still capable of flashing occasional moments of brilliance when his old, aching body permits. He's also become quite crafty in his old age, mastering the ability to trip opponents with his tail when no one's looking.

* Mungo Lifler

Mungo Lifler is a Goalkeeper for Darigan Citadel in the Altador Cup 2006. The first thing that scouts will mention when they discuss Mungo is his hands - "best set of hands in the business" you'll hear many of them say. Granted, his footwork and jumping ability are another matter entirely, but as for those hands... incredible!

Avatar related to Skeith:
Wise Old King Avatar

Score A+ (750+) at Wise Old King.
What answer will it get you the avatar? I have absolutely no idea. But I have a theory. I just close my eye and click away. After a month or so, I got the avatar. This is the brillant thing I said to him which made him gave me the avatar. (My theory has work for that grumpy king yet).

Heads Avatar

Score 320 and collect np at Double or Nothing

Skeith - Jelly Processing Plant Avatar

Score 1000+ Hungry Skeith I think this game was previously known as Jelly Processin Plant. (Correct me if I am wrong here)

King Skarl Avatar

Random event when you tell the king a joke and score under 300 and get thrown out of his Kingdom.

Plushie Tycoon Avatar

Get a trophy at Plushie tycoon.

Hungry Skeith Avatar

Feed an item that contains the word Skeith to a Skeith, cheapest is a Skeith keying or Skeith Juice Cocktail (please do not create yet another pet to do this, there is hundreds in the pound)
Note to Pebbles - You can get this avatar with your skeith.

Speckled Avatar

Feed your pet any item with the word "speckled" in it. Because of this avatar, the price of any items with the word "speckled" in it has sky-rockete. (The price may have deflacted because this avatar has been released for a while and most Neopians may have got it.)

But there is good news for any Grarrls or Skeiths owner. You can be feed your grarrl or skeith any non-food items with a speckled in it's name. Such as Speckled Neopets Party Blower (1,800np) or Speckled Pteri Plushie (1,700np).

Want to own a Skeith? They are known to just eat anything that you have in your inventory without you feeding them. :D

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