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Scorchio Day - Mar 14th

As of November 2006 Scorchios are the 15th most common with over 4.7 million living in Neopia.

Scorchios look like dragons and stand on their hind legs. They prefer hot climates and they can breathe fire. The Scorchio was one of the original pets on the site, but its early design was similar to that of the Korbat. Its first design approximating the current one was introduced on July 13, 2000. There is an article in Neopedia: A Sad Scorchio Day.

In the Neopets TCG, Scorchios are associated with the element of fire.

Famous Scorchios include:
* Magnus the Torch

Living in the volcanic northern part of Tyrannia, Magnus has possibly the most powerful and fiery breath of all Scorchios. He is also a battledome challenger who lives at Tyrannia's volcano

* Glubgar

He runs the game Volcano Run.

* Two Scorchios that runs game
One runs the betting pages for the Poogle Racing.

The other runs the Word Pyramid game.

* Lab Ray Scientist

He is the mad Scorchio scientist who invented the Lab Ray, a commodity among the elite Neopets players because to gain access to the lab, you need to buy a set of maps which cost approximately 600,000np.

Challenger in the Battledome, and one of the more valued, as he can change the gender of your Neopet with a Strange Potion.

* A blue Scorchio

He oversees the Auction House.

* The Maraquan Scorchio

He will greets you at the Kelp Restaurant. At times he also looks like this:

* The Qasalan Mummy

He is a Scorchio soldier of Qasala and a battledome challenger and one of the villains of Defenders of Neopia, Series 1.

* Samuel

The Red Scorchio that tries to rescue petpets from a mine in the game Petpet Rescue.

* Shumi

He is the First Mate Crew Member on The Cyodrake's Gaze and was the one who suggested to Neopians to help Captain Tuan to find their missing mate.

* Derbi Azar

Derbi Azar is a Right Forward for Lost Desert in the Altador 2006. After a bitter holdout that saw Derbi miss most of training camp, this creative scorer is finally back in the fold. Will there be any hard feelings between Azar and her teammates? How long will it take her to shake off the rust and return to full speed?

* Evrem Guilako

He is the Right Forward on the Tyrannia team in the 2006 Altador Cup. For as long as this scrappy forward can remember, he's always had to deal with being labelled as "too small." After bouncing around club teams for a few years, "The Tiny Giant" finally earned a tryout with the Tyrannians, who immediately saw the value of his fighting spirit.

Avatar related to Scorchio:
Burninate Avatar

Have a scorchio plushie of any color in your inventory. Then visit the page of a TCG Album which has the Scordrax Card.

Haunted Avatar

Equip a Haunted Weapon item to your pet

List of Weapons - Patched Magic Hat, Dusty Magic Broom, Enchanted Cobweb, Scary Spider, Spider on a String, Jar of Spiders, Ethereal Sword, Spooky Slime, Pumpkin Stick, Pumpkin Club, Bone Sword, Pot of Darkness, Glowing Cauldron, Spooky Rubber Axe, Haunted Shield, Demonic Bow, Cursed Elixir

Pirate Scorchio Avatar

You can get this avatar by visiting the Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy.

To the Rescue Avatar

Score 250+ at Petpet Rescue game

Volcano Run Avatar

Score 3500+ at Volcano Run Game

Want a Scorchio? I used to own a desert scorchio until I zapped him into a ... a ... hmmm....

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