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Ruki Day - 29th July

As of November 2006, Rukis are the 40th most common Neopet with over 1.1 million living in Neopia.

The Ruki is an insect-like Neopet released on July 29, 2004, the 48th created. Originally from the Lost Desert, Rukis have adapted to the hot climate of the desert. Their outer armour protects them from the sun and also enables them to travel great distances, even in broad daylight, without getting tired.

In the Neopets TCG, Rukis are associated with the element of Light.

Famous Rukis include:
* The Ruki
Who runs the gift shop in the Temple of 1000 Tombs in the Lost Desert.

* Anshu

The doctor on Cyodrake's Gaze ship. He also owns the Remarkable Restoratives Shop in The Shenkuu which sells Remarkable Restoratives that cure diseases.

"Dirty" Navers

"Dirty" Navers is Right Defender for Lost Desert in the Altador Cup 2006. This feisty elbow throwing, uniform clutching defender has earned a reputation over the years as one of the game's roughest players. While he claims that his methods are aggressive yet legal, his opponents have plenty of bruises and scratches that would indicate otherwise.

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