Game Master Challenge: Meepit vs. Feepit  

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Meepit vs. Feepit

You are the Feepit and you have to fight the Meepit.

Choose 1 player mode.

Use Arrow to move.

There is a combo which you can use to maximize damage to your opponent. The combo is:

X, Z, X, Z (yes, the x and z key on your keyboard) - roll towards the meepit.

Z, X, Z, X - fly towards the meepit.

Try to use this combo when the meepit is hiding in the corner.

Z - punch
X - kick

Step 1:
As you move towards the meepit while hitting x, z, x and when you are within reach of him, press the last z. This should hit him flying into the air.

Step 2:
While the Meepit is in the air, prepare the combo AS FAST AS as you can. When he hits the floor, press the last z and hit him again.

That's how you fight him.

Get the most point out of the fight:
To get maximum points do this.
There are 5 rounds at each stage. The player who wins 3 rounds win the stage.

I will let the meepit wins 2 rounds before defeating him in the next 3 rounds to win the stage and claim 100 bonus points.

The 2 rounds that I let him win, I will still fight him. Fight him till his health bar is nearly full before I let him defeat me. This way, I gain some points hitting him.

Alternatively, you can let him win round 1, you will win round 2, he will win round 3, and you will win round 4 and 5.

Stage 1 - Blue Meepit - 570pts + 100 bonus

Stage 2 - Dung Meepit - 1237 + 100 bonus

Stage 3 - Faerie Meepit - 1832 + 100 bonus

Stage 4 - Tyrannian Meepit - 2483 + 100 bonus

Stage 5 - Fire Meepit - 3139 + 100bonus

Final Score: 3239
You will get 1000NP and an avatar.


Submit a score of 3000+

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