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Moehog Day - May 14th

As of November 2006, there are `1.3million moehogs living in Neopia and they are the 39th most popular Neopet.

Moehogs are warthog-like Neopets released on July 5, 2000. Swift-footed and eager to help others. Initially considered a very rare neopet, this creature has starting appearing around Neopia more frequently. Considered by many as a rebel with a cause, this neopet is often seen in the middle of concerts partying with the best of them. Perhaps the music from the growing music population attracted these music-loving creatures? Whatever the cause, this neopets fun loving attitude, street-wise intelligence and humor make it a prime candidate for a family of other neopets. Just make sure to keep this Neopet separated with the more short-tempered neopets.

In the Neopets TCG, Moehogs are associated with the element of Darkness.

Famous Moehogs include:
* Judge Hog

Leader of the Defenders of Neopia, a superhero of immense strength and power.

It's uncertain if he can really fly, or just move really fast, as he leaves plumes of smoke behind whenever he chases after a villain.

You can find more information on him in the Gallery of Hero.

* Agent 00 Hog

Cool, suave, and sophisticated, Agent 00 Hog has nerves of steel, and the ability to hide even the most blatent of cheats beneath a stern poker face. The ladies love him, and he is nearly unbeatable at whatever he chooses to play... do you accept the challenge?

* The Bringer of Night

From the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. Moehog demigod of death and destruction, the Bringer of Night is known for the senseless slaughter of Bori long, long ago. Unrelenting, and impossible to be reasoned with, this giant, evil being has no compassion...his only interest is destroying everything that lies in his path--especially the Bori, who escaped him when an unknown power froze their civilization as a means of protecting them.

For many years, the Bringer had been trapped in a tomb that was buried deep in the Lost Desert. Lying dormant in his sarcophagus, the Bringer awaited some foolhardy adventurer who would unleash his horrific power once again.

Powerful enough to summon a legion of icy skeletons during the night.

* Morguss

He fought with Lord Kass in the Battle for Meridell and has thus has a place in the Gallery of Evil. He is the provider of spells and potions to Lord Darigan and Lord Kass.

* The band Moehawk

This Moehog has it all style, sensation and an army of dedicated fans who love to hear him wail.

* Desert Flower

Though she may be shy, desert flower will help anyone who asks. She knows a great deal about desert plant life and often helps Kauvara create new magical potions.

* "Scrap" Taggert

A Moehog playing as Defender on the Tyrannia team during the 2006 Altador Cup. This feisty Moehog has battled his way though countless injuries, both minor and major, during his career. For the first time, though, he managed to make it through this entire past season without missing any playing time. There are lots of Yooyuball fans (including some who don't even root for Tyrannia) who hope that his healthy streak continues throughout the tournament.

* Nitri Cassale

Nitri Cassale is a Left Defender for Krawk Island in the Altador Cup 2006. Due to a long history of nagging injuries, Nitri has never quite lived up to the team's expectations. Her contract is up at the end of the Altador Cup, and many believe that, unless she has an outstanding tournament, she could be playing for someone else next year.

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Random Event in Invasion of Meridell.

Moehog in different suit:

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