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Pronunciation: loop (LOL.. I have been calling this Lupe a different name all this while LOL)

Lupe Day - May 2nd

Lupes are among the most popular species. As of June 2006, they were the 4th most popular pet with over 9,623,360 living in Neopia. They are popular among the Neopets staff, as many plots featured on the site have involved a Lupe as either a main character, villain, or supporting character. As a result, there are many famous Lupes.

The Lupe looks like a wolf. although its name probably comes from the Latin word lupus ("wolf"). Lupes make particularly loyal pets. They are known for their love of eating Chias. They are instinctually good at hunting and protecting friends. Some Neopet users believe Lupes and Gelerts are related. They were originally introduced on January 13, 2000.

In the Neopets TCG, Lupes are associated with the element of Earth.

Famous Lupes include:

* King Coltzan III
Former King of Sakhmet in the Lost Desert. Killed by foul play during a dinner in the Usurper! murder mystery puzzle plot. Coltzan's Ghost inhabits Coltzan's Shrine, where he can randomly gives out prizes to people who visits (items, neopoints, and Stat raises). His ghost is also a boss in the Lost Desert, part 3, of NeoQuest II.

I talked about him here.

* Jeran

A knight of the Neopian world of Meridell. Lisha's older brother, Jeran is widely considered the greatest knight in the kingdom of Meridell. He appeared in the past of Meridell while playing hide and seek with her younger sister. When her sister arrived in the past years later during Champions of Meridell, he had grown into a full adult. After the first war between Darigan and Meridell, Jeran continued to serve King Skarl and lived in peace with his long lost sister.

* The Ghost Lupe

A so-called "evil" Neopian who may heal your pets in a random event, but also appears as a battledome challenger and a Defender of Neopia Series 1 villain. He is a restless Lupe Ghost who prowls Mystery Island, seeking revenge against the dangerous natives who kidnapped his bride two centuries ago. Though he has been known to help Neopets at times, he is still considered dangerous, and best left alone.

* Captain Scarblade

Captain Scarblade is the self-proclaimed ruler of the five seas of Neopia, along with his crew of pirates on their ship, the Revenge. He was the villian in the Curse of Maraqua Plot.

Captain Dread attacked the old city of Maraqua when they wouldn't pay him a tax. Scarblade started a new attack a few years later against New Maraqua when he learned the Maraquans survived. Scarblade and his pirates escaped when their attack failed.

* Balthazar

The Bounty Hunter, an evil faerie hunter who is a prominent member of the Gallery of Evil and the source for all the bottled faeries on Neopets. He makes an evil profit by capturing the beautiful Faeries of Neopia and bottling them into jars. They are held helpless until he sells them for a profit.

Balthazar will sometimes decide to put 100 Faeries in the Money Tree, called Balthazar's Mega Faerie Giveaway Bonanza. Rumour has it this happens every couple of days. Some would say it's an act of charity for someone so mean.

* Tormund

Tor for short is a Yellow Lupe farmer from Meridell who dreamt to one day be a heroic knight instead of a simple farmer. He is a knight-in-training who stars in the Neopets: The Darkest Faerie video game.

* King Altador

AKA The Hunter, is the ruler and founder of Altador, the kingdom that bears his name. A noble Lupe and hunter, he was was the original gatherer of the 12 heroes of Altador.

I had done a introduction here on this king.

* Tomos

Was one of the main characters in the Lost Desert Plot. His work, along with his friend Nabile, helped saved Sakhmet qualified him as a hero. However, he was a thief and a member of the Desert Scarabs.

* Garon

Garon is an adventurous Lupe that loves to explore new places. Unfortunately his curiousity has got him into some pretty sticky situations. Garon is an intelligent Lupe who starred in two puzzle games, the old Ice Caves game and Faerie Caves.

* Hero

The character you will be when you play Neoquest I.

* Sabre-X

One of the six elders of Tyrannia, Sabre-X is in charge of the "Strategic War Division" and omelette supervision. He currently guards the Giant Omelette in Tyrannia and stops you from taking one slice too many.

* Reginald

Bruno's brother in the Haunted Woods plot.

* The Werelupes

Neopian versions of Werewolves that appear as enemies in the "Neopets: The Darkest Faerie" game. They also appear in several trading cards and if you own a Halloween Lupe, you will be awarded an avatar.

* Harker

The Lupe that runs the Bagatelle game in the Deserted Fairground.

* Gnarfas

Giant uncontrollable Lupe with four arms. Fought against Tormund in Illusens Glade in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, and was defeated. Unknown what his current whereabouts are..

* The Spirit of Slumber

Cursed the residents of Neovia in the Haunted Woods plot.

* "Squeaky" Tressif

A Left Defender for Brightvale in the Altador Cup 2006. The one member of Brightvale's team who refuses to get involved in the their crooked shenanigans, "Squeaky" (as in "squeaky clean") simply plays hard and sticks to the rules. To the surprise of no one, he's also on the receiving end of countless practical jokes that are perpetrated by his mischievous teammates.

* Timu

A Right Defender for Altador in the Altador Cup 2006. Nicknamed "The Paint Brush" for the way she covers her opponents, this Lupe's abilities as a lockdown defender are legendary. Most of her match-ups have a hard time even getting the ball, much less shooting it at the goal. Like the team's other two defenders, though, she provides virtually no scoring.

Avatar related to Lupe:
A splode avatar

Fight the 1 Player Challenger Ghost Lupe or Balthazar and LOSE (not the Inflatable Balthazar, your pet doesn't have to be a Lupe), 1 Player challenges against anyone with YOUR Lupe and you lose also works

Captain Scarblade avatar

Visit here

Ghost Lupe Avatar

You need to beat the Ghost Lupe in the battledome

Go to 131 soup alley to get him as a opponent.

Jeran - Hero avatar

Visit the Battle for Meridell war room here

King Avatar

Visit the Hall of Heroes, King Altador's Statue

Lost Desert Stamp Avatar

Complete the Lost Desert Stamp Collection

Lupe Defender Avatar


Neoquest II Weakling Avatar

You have to be beaten by a plains lupe in Neoquest II

Tomos Avatar

Have an item with Scarab in the name, in your inventory - like Burnt Scarab Cookie and have 1NP on you and visit here. If you have more than 1NP with you, it won't work.

Were Lupe Avatar

You must own a Halloween Lupe -look at it the pets lookup

Want a Lupe:

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