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Aug 29th - Kyrii Day

As of November 2006, 2,164,975 Kyrii can be found roaming the lands of Neopia, making them the 35th most popular.

Kyrii (the word serves as both singular and plural, though sometimes the Island Mystic says "Kyriies") are weasels (which bear a strong resemblance to ferrets) but get along well with other species. Their origin is uncertain; they are said to have appeared in Neopia without any notice one day, where they immediately started to make friends. They love to explore, but get very upset if their hair gets dirty. Kyrii are known to be a very vain species.

Originally called the Fuzio, a ball of fluff similar to the JubJub, but had free floating sneaker feet and gloved hands. Was changed to the Kyrii on February 9, 2001, and users who owned the Fuzio owned the redesigned Kyrii.

In the Neopets TCG, Kyrii are associated with the element of fire.

Famous Kyrii include:
* Jacques

Jacques is a Red Kyrii, and first mate of The Black Pawkeet. Garin's best friend since childhood in The Curse of Maraqua Plot, Jacques has always been there to protect him, getting Garin out of trouble. Known for his loyalty and honour when it comes to repaying debts, Jacques is well respected by his fellow crewmembers of the Black Pawkeet and the citizens of Maraqua, and will fight to the very end for his friends.

* Seer

The mysterious Kyrii from the original Meridell plot.

* Capara

Capara is a Kyrii who uses all her feminine wiles and amazing intelligence to trick her way to the top, however it hasn't worked yet...she is a hopeless cheater at Cheat! and nearly always loses.

Sbe also helped Brucey B discover and safe the Lost Desert from Dr. Sloth's clutches in the Brucey B and the Lucky Coin Plot.

* Prince Jazan

From the Lost Desert Plot, who was a villain in his cursed form and a hero once the curse was removed. Jazan is a Kyrii, and the only child of King Razul. He has powerful skills in the dark arts, though his nature is not as malicious as that of his father. He is over 200 years old due to a curse placed on him and all of his people by his own father who wanted to gain immortality and supreme power. He is accompanied by his faithful Uni friend, The Nightsteed.

* Tavi

He freed Baelia, a Grey Faerie, from a cage.

* Advisor Wessle

Introduced during the Lost Desert Usurper plot.

* Kyruggi

Grand Elder of the Tyrannian Town Council.

* Stan

From the game Grand Theft Ummagine.

* Island Mystic

If you can make sense of this Kyriis frustrating riddles you may be surprised how much he REALLY knows about Neopia. Lives on Mystery Island.

* Krell Vitor

He is a Left Defender for Haunted Woods in the Altador Cup 2006. Perhaps the most dominant defender in the game today, this aggressive All-Star loves bullying forwards into a corner and forcing them to turn the ball over.

Krell was awarded the "All-Stars - Defenders" award in the Altador cup awards ballot.

Avatar related to Kyrii:
Better Than You Avatar

Beat the Challenger in the game Better than You. The challenger gets changed every week. So choose a game you are good at. You can also get a trophy for this.

Capara Cheat

Win the first round in the game Cheat.

Island Mystic Avatar

Visit the Mystery Island Mystic once a day and you wil get the avatar when the fortune teller tells you a fortune with the word kyrii in it.

Stop Thief Avatar

Score 1100+ in the game Grand Theft Ummagine

Some Kyrii for your consideration:

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