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Krawk Day - April 16th

As of October 2006, there are only 2,200 krawk in Neopia, making them the minority group. They are the winner of the "Wooden Spoon Award."

Resembling large caiman or crocodiles in appearance, most Krawks come from Krawk Island. Krawks are generally loyal but mischievous, and boast many sharp teeth, an acute sense of smell, and excellent vision. Krawks evolved from rare Tyrannian Petpets that were driven out of Tyrannia and onto an island in the sea. Krawks hate being reminded of their origins.

Petpet Krawks are transformed into Neopets using the fungus from the Krawk Island "Fungus Cave". They are "restricted" species and cannot be created by players in the usual way. As a result, they are the rarest species in Neopet but still highly sought-after. Their transformation from Petpets was first introduced on January 10, 2002. My friend spent her entire saving on getting a krawk petpet and later a royal paintbrush just so her pet could be a royal. Many consider it a status symbol pet, since a person would need to be either very rich or very lucky to have one. Yap, even in Neopet, there are the have and have not groups. LOL.

In the Neopets TCG, Krawks are associated with the element of darkness.

Famous Krawks include:
* Swordmaster Talek

Loyal servant and master-at-arms for King Kelpbeard's aquatic army, Swordmaster Talek is a Draik who has never been one to back down from a challenge. Through years of intense training, Talek has refined the art of underwater swordsmanship with the mysterious material of maractite. Even during the time of peace while Maraqua was being rebuilt, Talek took it upon himself to train other warriors in the event of another attack. Thanks to his foresight and love of battle, Swordmaster Talek played a significant role in the defeat of Captain Scarblade and his invading pirate crew.

* Dorak

He is a Krawk who went out into the mine infested seas to collect Dubloons. He stars in the game Dubloon Disaster.

* "Dasher" Soley

aka Ol' Dash is the Right Forward for Krawk Island in the Altador Cup 2006. "Dasher" has been with the Krawk Island squad for as long as anyone can remember. In all those years, however, the team has never been able to win a championship. Could this be the magic year?

Avatar Related to a KrawK:
Ghost Avatar

This is a PET AVATAR. You need to OWN a Krawk Pet then take your Krawk Pet to the Fungus Cave.

Island Krawk Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Island Krawk with an Island Petpet attached

Maraquan Krawk Avatar

Visit a Maraquan Krawk's lookup

Pirate Krawk Avatar

Click here.

How to get a Krawk:
There are 5 ways to get a Krawk:

1. Change a petpet Krawk into a pet Krawk.

- Make sure you have 3 pets only
- Attach a Krawk Petpet to one of your Neopets.

- Go to your Pet Status Page and Click on the Krawk.
- Once there, name it to your desired Krawk Neopet Name. (Must be a name that no other Neopet has)
- Go to the Fungus Cave.
- Now, all you need to do is feed your Krawk some fungus and watch it grow! This fungus can only be found in that cave.

If you want male Krawk you need to add it to male pet. If you want female Krawk add it to female pet.

If you have a special colored Krawk Petpet, (Halloween, faerie, etc.) it will turn into that colored Krawk.

Make sure your Krawk petpet doesn't has a Petpetpet attached or else it will disappear when you change it into a Krawk Pet.

A Krawk Petpet is worth about 4.5million np and the price is still rising.

2. Use a Krawk Morphing Potion or Krawk Transmogrification potion

The cost is about 2million np.

3. Find one in pound - chances are very, very, very slim

4. Lab Ray - this will take a long while.

5. Get your pet to play with a Magical Krawk Plushie - ab extremely rare & epensive option.

Want some krawk?

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