Neopian Public Service Announcement  

Posted by kreai

From the Neopian Times, Issue: 265 | 10th day of Storing, Y8

We also want to warn people about a particular scam that has been going around recently. If anyone tells you that you can become a Neopets monitor or staff member, or that they have access to an "admin" that will let you warn or freeze people, paint your Neopets, etc., DO NOT FALL FOR IT! This is a scam to get your username and password. Neopets employees are interviewed just like with any other job, and monitors are not volunteer. We will never send you a Neomail or email claiming you've been chosen as any type of employee. Please be careful. Never, ever give out your username and password anywhere to anyone, on or off the Neopets website, and always check the login URL to make sure it says at the top of the page.

This has been a Neopian public service announcement.

I have received this neomail. I just delete it. Remember, never ever give out your password or your username.

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