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Kougra Day - April 22nd

As of October 2006, Kougras are rated the 2nd most popular species with over 10.6 million found in Neopia.

The Kougra looks like a small tiger, though its name comes from that of another large cat, the cougar. Originating from Mystery Island, this Neopet's energetic nature combined with its large paws and pointy teeth make it a natural in the Battledome.

They enjoy eating fruit, despite their carnivorous appearance. The stripes on their bodies serve to camouflage them in the wilderness, and they enjoy pouncing on moving objects - although they're never quite sure what to do with their prey once it's been caught.

Kougras were released on August 10, 2000, after winning a contest for the pet from the newly discovered Mystery Island the day before. They were redesigned in the summer of 2004, but many players were unhappy with the Kougra's "makeover." In August 2004, they were given the opportunity to vote on a second redesign of the species.

In the Neopets TCG, Kougras are associated with the element of fire.

Famous Kougras include:
* Jake the Explorer

He got his face on the "Islandberry Crunch" cereal box, and his own game, Caves and Corridors: Mystery island, and TCG card.

He explores ruins, particularly on Mystery Island. He is the star of Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island and the mascot of Islandberry Crunch Cereal, which allows you to "experience the sweet, crunchy taste of Neopia at your breakfast table!

* Commander Gormos

A Kougra from the TCG set "The Return of Dr. Sloth". This set was never featured as a plot on the site, even though Commander Gormos was later added to the Gallery of Heroes.

He is also one of the opponent I need to find and defeat in the Defender of Neopia Series I. I have been refreshing at the Virtupets® Space Station for so long my index finger is going to drop off soon and still no sign of this kougra. Where is he?!!!!

* Firepaw

Fire Paw was abandoned in the fiery region of Tyrannia. He was taken in by a group of Scorchios who treated him as one of their own. Now fully grown, Fire Paw has an amazing resistance to heat.

* Rufus

A Kougra crowned Grand Bogen in Year 6, he has a hand in the festivities of Gadsgadsbogen, held in the Month of Running (March).

* Linae

She is a pink Kougra on The Cyodrake's Gaze. She invented the Kou-Jong game and is a crew member on the Cyodrake's Gaze.

* Game Host

The Kougra who host the game Gadgadsgame at Mystery Island. You can also read about Trickster Llugh and the Legend of Gadgadsbogen

* Haiku Generator
He generates Haiku once a day.

* Bertie Shurtz

A Kougra playing as Centre Forward on the Mystery Island team during the 2006 Altador Cup. With her fellow forwards providing most of Mystery Island's scoring, Bertie's job is to set up their shooting opportunities with plenty of picks and passes. Because teams often double up on Volgoth (or even Nix when he's on a particularly hot streak), Bertie will occasionally get a nice, wide-open shot at the net. When such opportunities come around, she usually makes the most of them.

Avatar related to a Kougra:
Fire Paw Avatar

You have to add Fire Paw into your NeoDeck

Haiku Avatar

Visit The Haiku Generator everyday. You can to read a haiku a day and sooner or later you will get the avatar. Or like some say, just refresh a LOT. But this may takes ages.

Nyah Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Baby Kougra. The Kougra needs to be less than 50 days old, otherwise you can't get it. So if this pet is more than 50 days, I will have to find another. Hmmm...

Some kougra:

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