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Korbat Day - Oct 26th

As of October 2006 the Korbat is the 29th most popular, with over 2.4 million living in Neopia.

Korbats look like white free-tail bats with colored wings and ears. With small, pointed teeth, they look vaguely vampiric but are generally friendly. They are nocturnal and are usually inquisitive and mischievous. They have an impressive sense of smell and are happiest during a full moon. The Korbat was one of the original pets on the site.

In the Neopets TCG, Korbats are associated with the element of darkness.

Famous Korbats include:
* Koya

Korbat Huntress who stars as her own card in the Neopets Trading Card Game.

* Barallus

From the game Cellblock. He is Prisoner #2. Why they keep Barallus under such tight security has always confused the other prisoners, as how could a puny little Korbat overcome the guards in order to escape? Maybe Lord Darigan knows something that nobody else does...

* Lord Darigan

He was confirmed by the Neopets team to be a Korbat after several years of confusion among players as to whether he was a Korbat or not.

* Kevin

Kevin is a Red Korbat who plays Gormball, taking the place of Dr. Frank Sloth as a last minute replacement during Arrival of Virtupets, and has been playing in his steed ever since. He wasn't very good at Gormball when he began, but showed promise and eventually earned third place in the Annual Gormball Championship of 2004 and second in 2005.

* Rikti

A young boy who set out in search of adventure, Rikti has found himself trapped by the evil magic of Xantan the Foul, and cannot escape from the Dank Cave.

* Mokti

Rikti's big brother, and a citizen of Swamp Edge City. Mokti also collects monster body parts, and may have an extra energy shield lying around.

* Feemix the Korbat Scout

Although weak in battle, Feemix makes an excellent scout. His small size means he can sneak behind enemy lines without ever being spotted.

* Kraag the Korbat Leader

Kraags strategical planning has helped many a Grarrl Battlemaster. If you need information about enemy territory, Kraag and his Korbats will get it... for a price.

* Meruth

From her vantage point high above the Haunted Woods, Meruth looks down at the land below plotting the next part of her evil plan.

* Korbats Lab Card

Dr. Sloth has stored all the ingredients to make his Transmogrification Potions in a mysterious old evil laboratory full of nasty Korbats and Spyders.

Avatar related to Korbat:
Colorful avatar

Visit any Rainbow Korbats' lookup

Freaked Korbat Avatar

Get on the top 50 on the high score board when you play Korbat's Lap.

Royalty Avatar

You can only get ONE of these avatars

If you want the female korbat, change your gender to male and visit Arrenius
If you want the male korbat, change your gender to female and visit LittleAriadne
Gender can be changed

You must change your gender before visitng the pet's lookup. You can change your gender at your profile at the user preference.

Some korbat for you?

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