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Koi Day - May 25th

As of June 2006, Koi were the 49th most popular with over 325,000 living in the seas of Neopia.

Koi were originally similar to humanoid goldfish, but were later changed to a fish that shares traits with siamese fighting fish and real-life koi.

Originally freely available when it was added, the destruction of Old Maraqua reduced their numbers and made them limited edition, meaning that Koi are rare in Neopia - even now that Maraqua has been rebuilt. A few are made available on the site periodically and players can also use certain items to change their pets into Koi.

In the Neopets TCG, Koi are associated with the element of water.

Famous Koi include:
* King Kelpbeard

Ruler of the city of Maraqua during the Curse of Maraqua plot.

* Karpoh

The star of the game, "Raiders of Maraqua."

* Koi Warrior

An opponent in the Battledome.

* Tonie Plessix

A Koi playing as Goalkeeper for the Maraqua team in the 2006 Altador Cup. This lumbering netminder is so large that he's able to block a good part of the area in front of the goal by merely standing there. The downside to Plessix's huge frame, however, is that he's not exactly the most agile goalie you've ever seen. Those who can get him to bite on a fake can make this corpulent Koi look downright clumsy.

Avatar related to koi:
Kelpbeard Avatar

Have a Maracite weapon in your inventory and visit King Kelpbeard TCG

Koi Plushie Avatar

Have a Koi Plushie in your inventory and Visit a Koi's Lookup

Raiders of Maraqua Avatar

Score 800 or more points on Raiders of Maraqua

Want a Koi?

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