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Kiko Day - July 17th

As of October 2006, Kikos is the 42nd most popular with over 1 million living in Neopia. This could be because they are limited edition pet. You can create a Kiko on Kiko day or change via the Secret Laboratory Ray, magical plushies, or morphing/transmogrification potions. I have an Island Kiko courtesy of the Lab.

Kiko are an aquatic Neopet, and also one of the oldest. They are amphibious Neopets who resemble small floating spheres with wide eyes and flipper-like, clawed hands. All Kikos wear bandages on their heads and have a single curl of hair. They can breathe equally well in water and air. But when they are babies, they cannot leave the water for long periods of time, and they like to be near water as adults.

Despite not being hugely popular among players, Kikos are one of the few Neopets species to receive their own "Mini-World" in Neopia. Kiko Lake is home to 9,400 Neopets, 92% of whom are Kikos. (The other inhabitants are 3% Jetsam and 5% "other.") Kikos have also been given some exotic colors given to few other pets. They are the only pet besides the JubJub who can become the colors "Clay" or "Garlic," the only one besides the Chia who can become "Chokato" (a Neopian fruit that is a combination of chocolate and a tomato), and one of a handful of pets who can be painted "Sponge."

Famous Kikos include:
* Niten Hiroru

The Ninja.

* Cap'n Dread

The skeletal Kiko who destroyed the Neopian world of Maraqua.

* The Kikos featured in the games:

Kiko Match II

Tubular Kiko Racing.

* "Poke" Cellers

"Poke" Cellers is Left Defender for Kiko Lake in the Altdaor Cup 2006. Nicknamed "Poke" for her uncanny ability to strip the ball away from opposing players, this shifty defender's patented "poke 'n' pass" has led to countless quick strike scoring opportunities for Kiko Lake's squad.

* Ditan Colb

Ditan Colb is a Goalkeeper for Kiko Lake in the Altador Cup 2006. This confident 'keeper's miraculous saves are a sight to behold. He tends to struggle with consistency, however, and as a result gives up too many soft goals on otherwise routine shots.

* Holbie Pinnock

A Kiko playing as Left on the Roo Island team in the Altador Cup 2006, until an unfortunate injury during a practice session knocked him out of the tournament. He was replaced by Helmo Timm.

* Meela Kitah

Meela Kitah is a Right Defender for Kiko Lake in the Altador Cup 2006. Considered a "free agent bust" after signing a huge contract with Kiko Lake and then posting the worst numbers of her career, Meela's out to prove last year was a fluke and that she's back at the top of her game.

Avatar related with Kiko:
Kiko Ninja avatar

Have the Niten Hiroru card in your inventory, and go to the Neopedia article about Niten Hiroru

Ouch Avatar

Visit a Clay Pet's lookup

Rock On Avatar

1. Go to Neopets Music
2. Right click on the page and then select View Source
3. ctrl+f and type in Avatar
4. Copy and paste the link it will give you to your address bar

Snack Time Avatar

Feed any of your pet anything except Gross Food between 3am - 4am or pm NST. That's 7-8pm or am Singapore/Malaysia Time.

Some Kiko if you are interested:

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