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JubJub Day - June 6th

As of October 2006, the JubJub ranked 9th most popular with almost 6 million living in Neopia.

JubJub went through a redesign on June 6, 2006. Here's the before and after looks. The Blue JubJub is before, the yellow is after.

JubJubs look like furry balls of fluff with large feet and round eyes. Most JubJubs have black eyes and orange feet, although this may vary when a JubJub is "painted" to be a different color other than the standard red, yellow, green, or blue. JubJubs can be painted many of the same colors as other Neopets, and more exotic, JubJub-specific colors are possible. These include Coconut in which the JubJub looks like a coconut, and Garlic which causes it to resemble a bud of garlic.

JubJubs are generally shy. When threatened, they tend to curl into a ball and roll with astonishing speed. They can also make a deafening screech to drive off attackers. There has been some question as to whether JubJubs are related to the toy known as the Fuzzle, as the Fuzzles are similar to JubJubs in appearance. However, if you do search in Neopets help files it will tell you the rumor about Fuzzles.

The JubJub was originally called the JibJib and had a slightly different appearance. The JibJib was one of the site's original pets. The name was changed on August 23, 2000.

In the Neopets TCG, JubJubs are associated with the element of air.

Famous JubJubs include:
* The Shop Wizard

Found at the shop search page.

* JarbJarb

The Tyrannian JubJub who appears in the game Tyranu Evavu.

* Boraxis

A long-time resident of Neopia City, Boraxis is there to heal your wounds and injuries whenever you need his assistance in NQI.

* JubJub in Blackjack Game
Jub Jub Dealer No. 1-4. I can only find 4. If there are anymore, I will update later.

* Jubble in Bubble Game

features a Maraquan JubJub.

* Jub Zambra
A Cobrall Charmer, is a member of the band "Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers".
(I am having problem loading anything that require me to go swf,neopet like the wheels. So will get the image when I find the solution.)

Selwick Phoss

A JubJub playing as Left Defender on the Terror Mountain team during the 2006 Altador Cup. After the signing of Almadaira proved to be a bust, Terror Mountain released the underachieving defender and elected to go with young Phoss. Far from being the most physically gifted player around, at least Selwick provides plenty of toughness and effort, unlike most of her teammates.

Avatars related to JubJub:
Battle JubJub avatar

Visit a JubJub Lookup.

Charmer Avatar

Take your pet to a Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers concert. This concert is played between 5th or 6th of every month. Remember to buy a ticket.

Coconut JubJub Avatar

If you have a coconut JubJub feed them an item with the word coconut in it. You can only get coco JubJub at the fountain or the lab ray.

Evil Fuzzle Avatar

Give your pet an Evil Fuzzle and play with it until it goes "BOO!". Then you will get the avatar How I do it is just press F5 in the pop-up box.

Mutant JubJub Avatar

Turn your pet into a Mutant using Transmogrification Potion, Its called JubJub av - but at the moment you can transform any pet mutant and still get the av

Tyranu Evavu Avatar

PLAY Tyranu Evavu! and win 15 times or more consecutively

Ugg Ugg Avatar

Visit the Lookup of an Tyrannian Jubjub

Want some JubJub as pet? The maraquan JubJub is very cute.

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