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I am going back to finish off the pet. Not fighting those town folks in ToE's plot. So here's Ixi.

Ixi Day - July 11th

As of October 2006, the Ixi ranked 11th most popular with a population of 5,703,284.

The Ixi is a deer or goat-like creature. They originally came from the Meridell and were the 46th species released on July 11, 2002 as a limited edition species. Before the introduction of the Yurble and Ruki in May and July of 2004, the Ixi enjoyed the status of newest species for almost two years.

The Ixi are hardy forest and wood creatures that are renowned for their cunning and intelligence. Their speed is also something to be marveled at as watching them leap and bound through the forest is a sight to see. Initially, they may appear shy, but they are always willing to lend a hand should anything wrong occur around them. However, if you enter their habitat with bad intentions, be wary as you are forewarned that they are the masters of the wood, and will not tolerate such ill intentions.

In the Neopets TCG, Ixis are associated with the element of Earth.

Famous Ixis include:
* Nabile

She is from the Lost Desert plot that introduced the city of Qasala.

Born in one of the poorest districts of Sakhmet, Nabile has been roaming the streets since a very young age. She uses her quick wit and smart thinking to provide many a meal for the Desert Scarabs.

Nabile has honed her thievery to almost an art form and when Tomos and she get together, there isn't a merchant in Sakhmet that they couldn't get to part with a few coins. Constantly running from the guards keeps Nabile on her toes, although just once she wishes that she could lead a more normal life.

* Sinsi

She runs a game called 'Shapeshifter' in Meridell.

* Sophie, the Swamp Witch

Sophie lives alone in a damp hut surrounded only by Meowclops within a swamp of Meridell, but also borders on the outskirts of Neovia. She makes it a habit to scare Neopets away from her and sometimes even turning them into Petpets or Petpetpets. Though crude in her actions, Sophie is generally a good character, but wishes to be left alone.

She is the stars in the game 'Sophie's Stew' and is the youngest daughter in the Haunted Woods plot - The Tale of Woe.

* Ilsa Ellits

Defender on the Meridell team during the 2006 Altador Cup. This talented defender is best known for her patented bounce passes. She does these by stripping the ball away from a forward and then heaving an outlet pass that bounces perfectly off one of the walls and right into the sling of a teammate. It has to be seen to be believed!

* Tarla

The owner of the Shop of Mystery in Terror Mountain and also the gift bearer of the Neopet Toolbar. If you have it install on your computer and managed to catch her when she sent out alert, you will be rewarded with gifts. Some of the most expensive gift I had received are the icy snowflake, the Hundred Dubloon.

* Nanci

She is the owner of the shop 'Ye Olde Petpets' in Meridell.

Avatars related to a Ixi:
Disco Ixi Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Disco Ixi

Lab Ray avatar

You lab has to turn your pets species - (these are over 50k a piece now, you need all 9 pieces to complete the map)

Nabile Avatar

View Nabile's Neopedia entry while having a Scarab Ring or any kind of Ring like Cheap Water Ring in your inventory.

Shape Shifter Avatar

You get it by beating level six of Shape Shifter and then returning to the game's main page.

Sophie the Swamp Witch Avatar

Visit the Halloween Paintbrushes page in the Haunted Woods

Some Ixi Pets:

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