Trophy: Puzzle Game  

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Below are the scores to earn yourself a trophy in the Puzzle category. You can find all these games HERE.

Attack of the Gummy Dice. Attack of the Marblemen. Chemistry for Beginners. Deckswabber. Destruct-O-Match II

Dice Escape, Escape to Kreludor, Eye of the Storm, Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest, Fetch!

Gadgadsgame, Kiko Match II, Kou-Jong, Maths Nightmare, Meepit Juice Break

NeggSweeper Cumnulative, NeggSweeper, Pyramids, Raiders of Maraqua

Sewage Surfer, Shapeshifter, Skarl's Scramble, Snowmuncher, Spell-Or-Starve

Sutek's Tomb, The Castle of Eliv Thade, The Great Qasalan Caper, The Last Smiley, Time Tunnel

ToyBox Escape, Word Poker, Word Pyramid. Ruins Rampage

That's all folks. So go out there and conquer them all.
Good Luck.

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