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Lutari Day - April 19th

As of November 2006, there are 15,080 Lutari living in Neopia. This could be because Lutaris are also "limited edition", meaning that they cannot be created on any other day than their species day or on a day announced by the Neopets team. Because of this status, the Lutari is the 52nd most popular Neopet.

The Lutari was released on April 18, 2006, more than a year since the first Lutari, Mr. Chipper, was introduced after the end of the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. The name Lutari is similar to the Latin genus name Lutra for otters, which it somewhat resembles.

Lutari Island appeared on the Neopets world map on June 28, 2006, but is only open to American users by mobile phones for the moment. It is situated on the other side of Neopia.

There has also been pictures of a Lutari Island paintbrush, but no confirmed pet images. The pets were made available for a short time on Lutari Day and after the release of the island. The Lab Ray is the only other confirmed way to get a Lutari.

The Lutari is different from other Limited Edition Neopets as they are deleted if you attempt to abandon them at the pound, making transfer of the Neopet to a new owner impossible. There are Rumors that say the Lutari reappears in the create a petpage if pounded, but since no one is willing to pound one, it is unconfirmed. Made mention to in the editorial of issue 236 of the Neopian Times.

A trophy called the Lutari Talisman has been added to all User Lookups on June 28, 2006. So far users can only see their own collected beads. I have bought a yellow beads. It's now trading around 400k np.

Right now you can only paint a lutari in 4 colors. Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Famous Lutaris include:
* Mr. Chipper

The Ice Cream Vendor on Terror Mountain who has been on the site since before the Lutaris were released.

* The Lutari

Sells souvenirs in the Altador Cup Souvenir Shop.

* Vignacio

A Right Defender on the Kreludor team in the 2006 Altador Cup. Few players are capable of running down a loose ball like this fearless defender! Diving and sliding with reckless abandon, this Lutari's tenacity and hustle make her one of the most exciting players in the game today!

Avatar related to Lutari:
There is only 1 avatar as of now related to a Lutari and it's a default avatar. Meaning everyone gets it automatically.
This is the avatar.

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I did abandon a Lutari because I thought a lot of people would like to adopt one, I didn't know they would run away.

Abour that rumor of reappearing lutari, how does it work? If you explain me I could try and see if it works.
The pet name is NEOPETx3

(btw it wasn't a lutari yesterday, it was a grundo, I adopted it to change it in the lab ray and make people want it)

11:29 PM

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